Octatrack waveform display whilst P locking?

Am I missing something, I’ve had my octatrack about 6 months now and can’t work out a way to see the waveform displayed whilst parameter locking sample start points? I know ultimately this can (should) be done by ear but if the samples long it would be a timesaver to be able to see the wave to quickly navigate to the right area. I can open the editor after the fact to see the playhead bouncing from point to point, surely I should be able to have the same when setting things up?
Thanks in advance

Using slices instead of start points would be the obvious solution, is there a reason you’re not using slice mode?

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Just when I’m flashing ideas out, I guess it seems easier. I will most likely start building slice points after getting a rough idea what works.
I had the digitakt before I got the octa so I just kind of assumed that aspect would work the same.

you could get a MIDI controller to control Octa, and map a knob on your controller to the start point CC. Then open up AED and trigger the sample from the MIDI controller and tweak that mapped knob.

You cant. There isnt a way to do that. That feature came many years later on the digitakt.

Octatrack can slice audio (which the digitakt cannot) but even then you cant see the audio editor display while parameter locking a value at the same time. Slicing may or may not be what you want.

The older elektrons had much simpler visual displays.

Fair enough, I wondered if I was missing some key combo to bring up the waveform display.
That’s fine, I’ll just keep using my ears then :slight_smile:

it’s definitely smoother these days with trig preview!