Octatrack sending wrong BPM to Syntakt on pattern change

Hey, so trying to get these two in sync. Octatrack is the master clock and sending program changes to the Syntakt. BPM is per pattern and track length is per track.

If I press play they are in sync. If I change to another pattern in a different bank with a different BPM the syntakt changes patterns but goes to 120. It’s still receiving clock (you can tell as the bpm fluctuates.) Here’s the kicker, sometimes it works and the Syntakt is at the right BPM, most of the time it’s not. If I stop the Octatrack and press play again Syntakt it switches to the correct bpm.

Driving me crazy.

Like this? OT sending wrong midi clock tempo until it's restarted

BPM per project seems to solve it. Could be a per pattern bug making it switch back to the project tempo if that makes any sense…


Yup, bpm per project wouldn’t work for what I’m doing at the moment, but yea seems like a bug, I guess since they added this feature late in the game. I had to use the Syntakt as the master clock and all works fine.