Octatrack parts noob

With sample and slice locks what can parts do that I am missing out on?
Also do patterns in different banks all have different sets of 4 parts?

Hello, Can you write your request in another way, I’m not sure people understand what you asking exactly…

4 parts are available to each bank. A part contains machine assignments and their associated
samples, track parameter settings, FX assignments as well as 16 scenes. A pattern is
always linked to a part. Changing parts will let the new part be controlled by the active pattern.
Read more about parts on page 59.

So in one Bank, patterns can be associate with 4 Parts by default it’s usually the Part 1 which is locked with all patterns by default. User can associate a pattern with another Part for different purpose. Crossfader trick comes in mind when speaking about part… Each People have surely a way to use Parts differently depend of his skills and needs…

Yeah, I got that much, but what can parts do that I cant do with sample locks?

Each part contains:
• Information about which machines are assigned to the tracks.
• Information about which Flex and Static samples are assigned to the machines.
• Track effects assignments.
• Track parameter settings.
• 16 scenes.

So with parts you can set all of that differently… sample locks will only change on the fly which sample is playing in your sample loaded list.

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check out merlin’s guide to the octatrack. i am new to OT myself but I found this document a great learning resource.

just google “merlin octatrack”. First result.

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Ok, thanks!
One thing I couldnt find in the manual, can you copy a part to an other and do your changes from there? Instead of starting from scratch?

See P23 of OT Merlin guide you will have the exact procedure explain.

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Page 59…of what

When you are in the parts screen toggle the part you want to copy. Press func record. then go to the part you want paste it to, function paste.

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Something weird with texts and pictures, called a manual. :smile:
Parts are p 52 for more recent manuals.

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It is easiest to see parts as kits is rytm or a4.

Each bank has 4 kits, and each pattern can be assigned to one of those kits.

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Thank you :joy:

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