Octatrack OS update wishlist

Even clearing the buffer doesn’t help much for me. Sometimes it does but at least as often it doesn’t, and they always come back. And again, this happens even with no inputs and the gate threshold pushed WAY above the self-noise floor, so all that is being recorded is a bunch of zeroes (right up until the last millisecon or so, where there’s a bunch of DC suddenly, and it causes a click). It doesn’t always hit right away but it hits sooner or later (and not much later, at that).

Anyway, I’m definitely not arguing with your experiences with PUM clicks or anything, just trying to be totally clear about what I’m describing.

Out of interest, have you tried setting an exact PLEN and not using fades?
That seems to help other OT practitioners.

No hope to see any update for OT Mk1 now but still:

  • gate effect
  • sidechain on compressor
  • hall reverb

Conditionnal trigs as number one.
Playback Page Retrigs retrigging Amp, Lfos and FX.
Better fades for recordings.

Trigs and better fades is all I need.

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Auto Save Recordings !


Midi and front panel control of pickup re-multiply.

Slightly sharper crossfades (option)…

While I am still learning the OT, I will humbley admit that I am no stranger to MIDI, loopers, samplers and effects (I’m 42 and have had Boss phrase samplers from the early 90’s to go with my cassette 4-track, back in the early 90’s).

There seem to be a LOT of concerns with OT’s MIDI implementation (or lack of, in certain areas). That said, Elektron has devised a rather non-standard way of utilizing MIDI control. You have to delve into specific CC values for Note values, while ACTUAL note values occupy the space that CC’s would occupy.

I say we ask for a completely revised MIDI implementation scheme…might suck for those of you who finally figured it out with your $1000 controllers, but some of us want to take advantage of the numerous new inexpensive footcontrollers and keyboard controllers (look up Morningstar MC6 and Selah Quartz Timer V2 in the footcontroller department).

I like having my hands on the OT for composition, but in performance (which is the OT’s selling point), I like to have full control AND not have to go nuts on either buying a crazy intricate controller, or programming crazy sub-values on my otherwise simple controller.

But…thats me. Maybe I’m alone on this one.

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I’m 42 too, I used a lot of of Roland/Boss stuff too. I can say Octatrack is not that bad concerning midi (so much better than an Sp555, Sp404, and even Rc300, Rc505), even if I would like midi control for Parts, and assign midi CCs to crossfader. Notes messages for control is quite unusual I admit but it’s not a big deal for me today.
There are free CCs number that could be used for sure.

With a midi processor such as Event Processor Plus I can solve most of midi “problems”, control some CCs with crossfader, play Slices, etc…

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They said no Overbridge for Octatrack since a long time…

Midi control for Setup Pages, like Loop mode, Len Mode, Filter Dist, etc…

It’s a wishlist isn’t it :slight_smile:
Ok then I would suggest the time stretch and pitch shifting algorithms updated.
Artefacts very noticeable when used over an extended range

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Yes of course, you can wish what you want ! :slight_smile:
I don’t hope it for Octatrack since Overbridge Release for A4/A4, as they said it was not possible. Maybe one day.

trigger conditions like on the A4, and repeat a la Intellijel Metropolis. That would be awesome, and truly polyrhythmic


If we’re dreaming here, one simple thing I’d love to have on the OT is some kind of volume ramp up/down for the retrigger parameter, so that you could use it for stuff like flams and rolls and things, or Squarepusheresque rolls where each retrigger increased or decreased in volume. That’s something I did a lot on the MPC2000 (using note repeat with the pad aftertouch controlling amplitude) and I miss it on the OT. Retrigger is great for creating stutter effects and things but for more natural, drummer-like rolls and embellishments it’s not so useful. Which is fine because that’s not what I got it for, but it would still be really nice to have.

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have you tried a one-shot LFO in downward ramp shape modulating AMP? should work with one of the two ways of making the OT retrigger a sample.

Definitely my number one. Anything regarding triggers and sequencing. Great feature candidate for a software update too IMO given most of the ui and logic has been done elsewhere already.

I used Slide Trigs for this, which works - takes slightly longer to add, but it is possible.


Attack can be used too.

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There’s an older & larger OT feature request thread, so this one will be closed

Continue the discussion on the other one, but keep in mind that Elektron have suggested development of the OT may be limited to bug fixes, the release of the MKii doesn’t necessarily change this position, but we can still dream …