Octatrack OS Bug Reports

I often save long recordings without problems.
1.30B. I use Dynamic Recorders setting.
It can be a card problem.

Spotted a quirky/buggy behavior in 1.30C mkI with pretty long living project which i use to sketch ideas and for everyday studio routines.

So i had a part in bankB wich i copy/pasted to bankC pattern1. This part featured AKWF flex waveform on channel1. When i tried to load another sample from AKWF folder and it’s subfolders sample remained the same. When i tried to load another samples from same subfolder they sounded similar spectral-wise but with different amplitudes. When i loaded samples from totally different folders everything was ok.

It was my precious studio time so i didn’t tried to reproduce this :slight_smile:

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Sorry about my noobiness - I should of put my thread here really…

I couldn’t access a bank that I hadn’t saved the night before.
Power cycled restored the bank but I lost some triggs and changes I’d made after I last saved.

In case it helps always press stop and wait for the card light to turn steady half bright green before power down. If it is red, yellow, or full bright green blinking it means there is info to be written to the card. This happens if your maneuvering through banks and making changes without stopping…

You say after you last saved? If you haven’t made more changes your worried about you can try reload project and see what happens…


Hey thanks for that help @Open_Mike will be aware of that.
I assume it was since I last saved but can’t remember. I was a little freaked last night and didn’t want to reload. Couldn’t replicate my missing trigs to well any way so I’ll see what it does today and try what you said. Thanks.

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You could save the current project as new, and then go back to the other one and try reload…

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And it’s still a serious bug… no fix for about 7 months at least.

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Out of curiosity what happens if you double stop in between step 8 and step 9? After you switch to C02 but before you press play?

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Not happy to announce I found a really anoying bug : Midi tracks records CCs from the corresponding Audio track channel.
MKI, 1.30B. Please confirm.

How to reproduce it :

  • New project
  • Select Midi T1 (no channel or 9-16)
  • Live rec
  • Use a controller sending CCs between 16 and 45, on channel 1, plugged in OT midi in

It shouldn’t record, but it does. It records trigless trigs with plocks on corresponding parameters (Ex CC16 is Note), hence put a mess in the sequence.

Same for Midi T2 and channel 2, Midi T3 and channel 3, etc…(it corresponds to default Audio tracks channels).

If I change Audio tracks channels, and set corresponding channel on the controller, it will record on that channel.

Same behavior with CC DIRECT CONNECT deactivated, or Auto Channel set to off.


I can confirm. MK1, 1.30C.
Followed your directions: New project, Select Midi T1, Controller transmit on Ch1, using a fader sending CC16, live rec and moving the fader produces trigless trigs (green) with NOTE Plocked.


@sezare56 - That is a strange bug you discovered there

So at first I tried this as you described. The MIDI NOTE SETUP page was set to OFF, the Track ‘tab’ (?) on the left of the screen had an X.

But then I changed MIDI T1 and set CHAN to 3. Midi controller still transmitting Channel 1 and CC16. It still records.

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Thanks a lot for confirming!

Yes. I was using channel 9 on the midi track when I realised that. Previous post edited.

Was your Audio Track 3 channel set to Off?
Theorically a midi track can’t receive midi if its channel is the same as an Audio Track.

I was using all default settings except what I mentioned. So I’m pretty sure that means Audio T3 would be using MIDI channel 3.

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Ok thanks, now I’m thinking about the problematic situations, and how to use it as an hack! :slight_smile:


Tested again, even with a Midi track with the same channel as an Audio track it records in live rec, but also if you hold a trig.

So it is problematic with midi loopback if you send 16-45 CCs. @pinup57, beware of that!
Carefully use midi track 1 to control audio track 1.


Confirmed on 1.30D mkII as well, as you say it only seems to record if controller is set to midi ch1.

I just did the test using a blank project with default settings.


Yes indeed. I will check all this ASAP (I have gigs until next thursday so not much in depth testing possible) and let you know. For my FlexiPickup’s I use autochannel to control the audiotracks and ch1 to control midichannel1. I’ve experienced some weirdness (midi feedback) that was not supposed to happen, so I brutally filtered my loopback but when the dust has settled I’ll investigate a bit, maybe stuff is related

Ok thanks, good gigs to you!
With midi loopback Midi T1 controling Audio T1 with channel 1, the midi track records the CCs in live rec or when you press a trig. It changes the midi track parameters of the corresponding CCs. (CC16 = PITCH = NOTES).

Use another track for that purpose.

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I could hack this to add extra lfos to the midi track parameters, using another track, but that’s not ideal, you have to stay in live rec, and in midi mode.

The midi track with same channel as audio channel is not supposed to receive midi data at all!