Octatrack only as a MIDI sequencer?


well, the only midi seq option that I could go with, if not the OT, would be the circlon. the pyramid’s 64 clip limit is not enough for my needs. And I cant fit a circlon to my backpack.

I am thinking the OT would be the match ATM. Just scouring the net looking for one for sale 2nd hand for a good price. The last few posts were just academic wishful thinking fwiw


Appreciate this write up on the Squarp Pyramid :slight_smile:


Yeh I dream of Elektron doing a Squarp type experimental midi sequencer brain thingy… yeh man… good stuff


Read some more of the manual, and some credit card hemorrage later:

Hate the xfader cap though, it needs to go. Getting a grey coolorcaps hard plastic fader to replace it. No crabbing with the original fader :joy:

Thanks again for all your help and insights!


I actually just recently got myself an OT too. I enjoyed following your journey here as it answered a lot of questions I had too in the begining and even now (from an AR perspective, PARTS = KITS {but only 4 of them per bank}) It’s so much nicer having the OTs arranger (minus Direct Jump :frowning: ) and extra LFOs.

It’s such a PITA to learn though. Oh well. I know it’ll be worth it.

Have fun! These two together make for one of the most formidable duos is hardware. Soooo much cotdamn fun.


Indeed! The OT will take a while to learn, but I already prepared for this mentally so I’ll try to keep a humble and a patient attitude for it.

I do hope some updates to the OT OS will still be forthcoming. The CC delay bug would be nice to get rid of, and repitch-mode-style static sample playback would be a very welcome addition

Enjoy your OT sir!


Coming back to the topic with some first impressions:

The octa sure has some unique aspects when it comes to midi sequencing! For example, the scale function is not the same on the AR, the OTs implementation is more comprehensive, allowing different time signatures (multipliers) per track. Wish this feature was on the AR as well.

Then theres the arp, love it. Generative melodies by stacking LFOs on the notes et al :ecstatic:

Lastly, the “plays free” in hold mode - talk about MIDI phrase sampling!

I am totally in love with this thing - getting an OT second hand would have felt like cheating tbh, it has exceeded my expectations already! Combined with resampling to AR via Mobilelite Wireless and STROM, I can now fiddle with my rig well into my sixties LOL


If you enjoy stacking the arp sequencer with the note sequencer and enjoy generative or complex melodies, you might enjoy my favorite OT MIDI trick:

  1. Create a step sequence on the LFO designer (bonus: you can edit multiple trigs at once in this mode like you can on the AR, as well as invert and randomize the whole sequence)
  2. Route that designed LFO to Arp Transposition (NB: the arp doesn’t need to be on) on any MIDI track as LFO1, in SYNC TRIG mode at a speed that totals to 128 (e.g. 8x multiplier and 16 base speed)
  3. Route a second LFO to modulate LFO1’s speed
  4. Route a third LFO to modulate LFO1’s depth
  5. To quantize the notes to a tonal scale, choose one in the arp menu (likewise, the arp doesn’t need to be on for this to take effect)

Now you have a serial “theme” or “subject,” variations of whose musical expression can be quickly generated from LFO2 and LFO3. Also, since the sequence within the designed LFO is tied to the Part, you can tweak it into new shapes and then recall the original sequence by reloading the Part. (Like reloading patterns on the AR.)

Another trick with the arp and LFOs: if you route an LFO to NLEN while the arp is on, you can produce some interesting rhythmic modulations.

OT Special Tricks
OT as a hardware sequencer
Sequencer Comparison: Monomachine & Octatrack

Much obliged for the tips! :thup:


is this a Bome-Box there in the right? :open_mouth:
I’m already waiting for this little midi-brain!


Yes, I use it for remapping the mixtour to give the OT the right CCs it needs for the combo to work. Currently having probs with the mapping though (too excited to get back to sussing it out as I’m lost sequencing MIDI on the OT lol).

I was originally thinking of using the mixtour for controlling the internal audio mixing on the OT, but might actually use a physical DJ mixer instead. Making the controller work the way I want to seems challenging, because I want the trims, linefaders and the xfader all to work in a way that allows post-fade fx like my Ecler NUO 2.0 mixer does…


cool, thanks for the info. But how the hell did you get one? They are just beeing built and should be released somewhere this autumn afaik? so how did you get hold off one? :slight_smile: Just curious cause I’ve been waiting for this thing to come out, since it’s announcement last year at NAMM.
Have fun with your setup man.


Bome was selling a couple of preproduction models earlier. I just got lucky I guess. The final version should be out sometime this year.

The beta firmwares are already quite good, so I am hopeful the bomebox will be very usable from day one.


awesome, thank you for the insight!


BomeBox pre-prod here too. :slight_smile:
So far it’s brillintly picking up the slack of the OT’s oversights (MIDI Bank Change LSB, interpolating CC values via crossfader, triggering one shot slices from separate controller, etc)


whoah! You’re already deeper in the BB than me it seems. How are you translating the frossfader cc if I may ask?


thanks to all, very good an enlightening thread !


Well that’s a rabbit hole of blah blah blah.
Not sure how much I should share because it might get boring, eh? :slight_smile:
(Just scroll on past, because I talk/type a lot)

First off I have a translator for MSB to LSB for my 90s rompler, but my own code was buggy and Florian on the Bome forums helped me suss out the correct msgs. (the peeps at Bome are so awesome!) Plus I have an OT Audio Track to trigger one shots slices from a set of pads on a keyboard controller.

The OT XFade just sends on MIDI CC#48. Once you have that data, you can route that to any MIDI Channel or CC# you want. Right now I have only one “Scene” which takes the CC value and sends Modwheel on MIDI CH#1 & 5, Pitch Bend on MIDI CH#3, and Volume (CC7) on two other channels.

I’m still working on the scripts to poll the current state of the MIDI CCs so I dont’ get any jumps in CC values, but I might just avoid that bit for now.

My current obsession is taking the OT MIDI messages during OT Bank/Pattern selections & Scene selection to select different ‘maps’ for the translation of the OT XFade values. (As in, when you select a Scene B that is your transition out of a pattern that does [a bunch of stuff] to audio channels, it will do [a predetermined bunch of stuff] to the MIDI channels - then when you select a different Scene B that is a modulation of a current pattern (not a transition in/out), it will have a different ‘map’ of controllers and do [a different predetermined bunch of stuff] to the MIDI channels)

The Box is much easier. I was getting a weird latency/lag running the translation scripts on the PC and had to write a time based controller ‘thinning’ script so it would only poll the XFade CC every 200ms to thin out large amounts of data when the XFader was used quickly. Luckily I don’t need that with the Box, so I can focus on fewer tweaks to figuring out how to Turn on/off different presets.

Note: I only got my Box last Thursday, but I’ve been using MTPro to a much lesser extent for about a year, but pre-teseting some of the scripts for the last 6 weeks or so in prep for the Box.

I would LOVE a chance to hash some of these algorithms out with someone who can wrap their heads around what I’m trying to do. I’m rather socially inept, but I tend to figure things out by discussing the possibilities with others. Plus I’m more of a systems person than a detail person. Oh, and I’m an OT n00b. I’d really like to understand how others interface with their OT for my own clarification so I can get a nice set of MIDI Scenes and avoid future dramas, and be able to share with others. If you’re interested in more, PM me. I’d really like to hear about your setup & how you interface in performance & construct/perform with the OT. (I figure with any thing we can think of doing with audio or song construction, there’s at least 6-12 ways to do it on the OT)

I have a friend in Wales I bounce ideas off. He’s not on here yet, but he has neither MTPro nor a Box - but many synths being controlled by the Sequencer side of things in his rig. (Me, I prefer to have rackmount synths (read: old fart) and control everything from one central location (the OT))

See? Warned you about the blah-blah-blah.
I could edit this down to a much more mysterious post, but I figure there’s lots of people with better skills than mine who could do this in a weekend - if they know what I want to do, they might have done it already & share. :slight_smile:


thanks for your reply. Seems like you are knee deep in bome stuff already! I’ll pm you soon so we can continue some discussion regarding these.



another nice trick coming from the combination of octa + pyramid that I’ve enjoyed but underutilized for a while : the "assign incoming cc message to midi effect parameter " allows you to do intertrack modulation from the OT, and with designer LFOs and TRC involved I found that I prefer this over the cirklon for generative sequencing :slight_smile:

for example : use midi track 2 to transpose (or make a key or scale change) midi track 1 (via routing to the Scale effect), or change its notes’ velocities (via the Equalizer effect). the cool thing here is that track 2 can be running at a different length or division to track 1 and have different TRC. something I’ve always wanted to be able to do within the OT.

other cool stuff possible only in this combination, too, like modulating per-step probability, swing, and the delay/ratchet effect with a midi LFO.