Octatrack MKII is now shipping!

… does this mean it’ll be tonight?! I have a free weekend, would be awesome to spend it playing with OT :smiley:


If we order from the Elektron shop, will it ship same day or is it on backorder?



They’re probably going to make it the 2 year anniversary of their previous OS update for sentimentality


I would love to get all those new MKIIs because of OLED, better buttons and the feature add-ons on the Rytm and Four. Too bad they do not offer a trade in, so that I send my old ones back and get a small discount on the new ones.
This would make it a no brainer for me.


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If you really want the MKII, just sell your OT MK1 (instead of hoping to trade it in) and buy the MKII. When Ableton did their trade Push 1 for Push 2 deal, I got more from selling my Push 1 locally and then buying Push 2.


Mine arrives this Wednesday.

Got a 64GB SanDisk CF ready to go.


I borrowed a MKI for a week a year or so ago.

I’ve been waiting for my OT mk2 for more than 3 months… More than enough to realize how I really need it, and that DT is not a substitute to what I use it for.
It should arrive this week, and I’m tortured like a kid on the day before Christmas.


My mk2 arrived today. Cant wait to tear the box open…


Mine is also ready for pickup! Good times ahead :ecstatic:


"Your Order Status: Sent":zap:


Any interesting factory content included?

A black and red woven usb cable, 16gb Kingston CF card x266 speed. Power adaptor with new design.
The old plastic lid also fits right on.

Only thing that micro-bothers me is a design weakness. That the distance between arrow left and NO button is to me too narrow. All other buttons are tidly grouped but the distance to the NO button is exactly the same as between the rest of the arrow buttons. In my world there would me a little more distance between no and arrow left to keep the button groups tidy. Am I too picky? Well I guess I can live with it… :slight_smile:


Good point. That’s a peculiar design decision.

Yeah I feel you. Trigs also look pretty cramped IMO. It probably doesn’t matter in the slightests once you turn it on and start using it though.

It has a xmas light feel to the new colours doesn’t it? Joyful even? The amount of green light (from the LEDs) feels subliminally different from the old one…

Ack, seems I forgot many things wrt operating an octa already! Back to the manuals (I only had a mk I for a relatively brienf amt of time in usage hours)

I’m very interested in comparisons from those of you who have a MKI. I had the new machine in my online basket a few times today, even inputted my credit card number on one occasion! Didn’t actually go through with it!

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Also I’d say that the trig number leds are actually super useful! Way easier to cue up the next pattn reliably in the heat of the moment. This is one of those things that I originally thought wouldn’t matter much, but in fact I much prefer it now after having used it. Will be great to have this one on the analogs too no doubt.