Octatrack MKII is now shipping!

We're excited to report that Octatrack MKII is now shipping! Octatrack MKII is an eight track performance sampler and sequencer, designed for both live performers and studio producers. Thanks to a clever combination of internal tracks, MIDI tracks, in- and outputs, and sequencer tricks like conditional trigs, Octatrack MKII is perfect as the centerpiece in any rig. The sample engine, which features time-stretch and pitch-shift in real time, is capable of radically transforming and reshaping samples in an instant. [Visit Elektron.se to find out more, listen to sound examples and purchase yours](https://www.elektron.se/products/octatrack-mkii/)


Does it ship with the updated firmware?


It must as it is advertised with trig conditions :slight_smile:


Hi ,

Does the Octatrack MK2 allow different samples to be assigned to different patterns on the same track , so instead of the same sample for every pattern /bank for that song

There is a work around for this by manually changing the sample per step by would be cool if could be changed per pattern/ bank , it’s the main thing that annoys me with the Octatrack when trying to make really dynamic songs particularly for drums with different samples of the similar type on different patterns in the same track

Will there be a software update for Octatrack MK1 that will allow this functionality ?

Thanks !


Not sure If I am getting you right but I think what you are trying to achieve is already possible.
You have four parts per bank, which can contain different samples or even completely different machines per track. You can assign those parts to whatever pattern you like inside of a bank.
Check out Merlins guide, he explains it really good. I have the octatrack only for a week and thanks to that guide, I am already pretty fit with the thing =)


:kissing_cat: When will the firmware be availiable for mk1


… does this mean it’ll be tonight?! I have a free weekend, would be awesome to spend it playing with OT :smiley:


If we order from the Elektron shop, will it ship same day or is it on backorder?




They’re probably going to make it the 2 year anniversary of their previous OS update for sentimentality


I would love to get all those new MKIIs because of OLED, better buttons and the feature add-ons on the Rytm and Four. Too bad they do not offer a trade in, so that I send my old ones back and get a small discount on the new ones.
This would make it a no brainer for me.


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If you really want the MKII, just sell your OT MK1 (instead of hoping to trade it in) and buy the MKII. When Ableton did their trade Push 1 for Push 2 deal, I got more from selling my Push 1 locally and then buying Push 2.


Mine arrives this Wednesday.

Got a 64GB SanDisk CF ready to go.


Is this your first time with an Octatrack?


I borrowed a MKI for a week a year or so ago.


I’ve been waiting for my OT mk2 for more than 3 months… More than enough to realize how I really need it, and that DT is not a substitute to what I use it for.
It should arrive this week, and I’m tortured like a kid on the day before Christmas.


My mk2 arrived today. Cant wait to tear the box open…


Mine is also ready for pickup! Good times ahead :ecstatic:


"Your Order Status: Sent":zap: