Octatrack MKi vs MKii


I know, and respect, that many feel differently but I didn’t love the Mk I buttons. The shape and touch (not the layout but the plastic and pressing) was always enough for me to hold off. So I had wanted an OT but there were always things I wanted more. Within a few minutes of using a Digitakt, I thought how the Digitakt’s mechanical buttons were incredible and that I would buy an OT right away if it had those buttons. So for me that difference is worth it, but I can tell that plenty of people prefer the original ones or do not want to pay the difference for that one change. For me, the feel of the Mk II buttons changed everything.j


Got a great deal on the A4 when it was reduced - anyone know if the Octatrack will be the same? or is any store reducing the price ahead of the MKII release?


It is not worth buying MKII (AR,A4,OT) too little change…;/


Just noticed that the OT mkII has 12 V DC power. The mkI is 6 volt. I wonder why the change. Anyone care to speculate? I have no idea about such things.


That must surely be subjective.


DC input voltage difference is most likely due to some combination of a different screen being used, the changes to the audio input circuitry (more headroom afaik), and the new/different LEDs


Standardize all Elektron gear to the same PSU. No more “I plugged in my Rytm/A4/etc and it did not make any sound.”


It’s also probably a cost saving measure so that all their units use the same power adaptor. Less to manage, more volume discount.


All makes sense to me :sunny:

I have this image in my head of using the OT II to sequence and sample a Saw Bench synthesizer (kit) and for aesthetics, painting the synth plus knobs to match the OT. :diddly:

But, my little Mackie mixer for acoustic inputs matches my OT I perfectly … Ah well …


Dear Elektronauts,
I’ve decided to use the OT as my sequencer for live sampling and sequencing. I managed to score a deal on a MKI for USD$769 and also placed a pre-order on the MKII for $1299.

I now have the unopened MKI with me, and would need to wait until end of month (or cancel the order) for the MKII. I just can’t reconcile the fact that I’m paying USD$530 for the MKII, while also waiting longer :wink:

What do you guys think? I guess the extra money could go into other gear, but on the other hand, if the screen is hard to work with, I may appreciate the advantages of the MKII.


A lot of people swear by the improvements to the mk2. Frankly, I don’t believe them- you can change the screen yourself(like others have done with their other machines. The improvements could be useful, but I doubt they’re $530 useful.

Functionality of the machine will be the same- and resell value will probably diminish less on the mk1 at that price than the mk2


Have fun with MK1 now, you won‘t lose much if you take good care of it and sell it down the line. Check out the MK2 in a shop and see for yourself if the improvements are worth it for you.


Having had the MKI as well, I much rather use the MKII. The encoders are a big workflow improvement being more sensitive. Also the extra buttons and labeling help to use the machine. But I guess it’s somewhat personal how much one appreciates things like these and I personally do appreciate them.


I’m in a similar bind. Have a mk1 but the workflow improvements look significant to me, and I do really appreciate that stuff. It’s just, do I want to spend the money trading up? It’s a chunk of cash.


The improvements will have more value to some users than to others.

For current MK1 users, I think there is less value, especially for those who know the OT so well, already.

For people on the fence, or those who had an unsuccessful go at the MK1 previously, or those who benefit from a more intuitive interface, there is more value in the MK2.
It’s very subjective, and quite dynamic.


keep the mk1 and buy another gear. it’s USD$530!!! there is no problem with the screen. The new screen is just fancy. i have the mk1 and i just tested the mkII, it’s an octatrack, same OS mean same functionality.


I’ve had extensive experience with the MKI (years), and several hours clocked on the MKII now (not an owner).

If I was in the market for an Octatrack, I’d go for the MKI. The Octatrack MKII is great. But so’s the MKI. The MKII isn’t easier to understand and once you’re in the Octatrack flow, the additional buttons don’t add all that much.

But it’s a great upgrade. It’s just that the original is pretty awesome as it is.


I bought the MK1 new at a discount from a local retailer. The cost difference (a week and a bit of full-tiime work) at my level of experience/knowledge didn’t make sense and in the future there will still be mkiis available if needed. The octatrack seems feature rich as it is.


I’ve only used a MKI and I’ve only had it since last winter, but so far I haven’t felt like it’s lacking in any way that would make me want to upgrade even if I could afford to. The extra headroom and output level would be nice but not a big deal. The new OT seems like it will be really nice once the firmware is sorted out, but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything significant (plus the MKI looks better).

For all the complaints about the screen I’ve never had much trouble with the viewing angle at all, it’s easy to read for me down to around 45 degrees, as long as it’s not in direct sunlight or something.


If the OP was still in the same situation as when he started this thread, I’d advise going with the mk I. ATM the mk II seems buggy and it is unsure when we will have a stable machine… hopefully sooner than later though.

As much as I like my mk II, the odd issues and freezes worry me… wouldn’t fancy the thought of playing a gigi with it ATM. But YMMV as always.