Octatrack MKi vs MKii


if you must have the machine for live use ASAP Mk1 is obviously a better choice with a more reliable OS that’s being used by far more users for that very purpose

I will probably get a Mk2 at some point, the more durable / higher quality components for the step keys and encoders are very enticing.

Some of my step sequencer keys need to be replaced on my Mk1 OT, and my level encoder jumps values sometimes but I wouldn’t mind making my Mk1 a dedicated 4 input FX box with the Mk2 doing everything else. I’m sure some fun could be had sending 8 midi tracks to eachother as well :smiley:


just found this at the elektron page “Note! The next version of the Octatrack MKI OS, which will include the functionality of the Octatrack MKII OS will be available soon!”

does this mean trig conditions for my beloved OT mki?? or am i just dreaming :slight_smile:


Yes, you missed that. MKII shared Os is buggy for the moment though.
Trc for Audio and Midi tracks, set in Microtiming’s page.


Thank you all so much for the wonderful insight.


Hi all,

Just about to buy a used OT mki in good shape for a good price. Just to be sure, what was included in the original box?


Octatrack, power adapter, hefty printed manual, CF card (earlier units came with a 4GB card, later this was upgraded to 16GB iirc), USB cable (not sure whether at some point they switched to the nice Elektron style ones). In one Elektron box I also found a couple of Elektron stickers, not sure whether they came with the OT, anyway I’d say they’re non-essential.


Thank you !


The OT mk I is surely the more stable choice ATM. However, I just had a bit of a jam with the mk II and no freezes or hickups happened (though to be fair, didnt go crazy with it). So the mk II will get up to speed soon, I`d say.

And I have to say the new controls feel great and IMO the knobs are more fun to dial in. Somehow using the mk II feels great.


I wouldn’t buy it without stickers, especially during Halloween…:3lektron:


I haven’t had a single freeze on my MK2. I have thrown everything I can at it, as well.
Using a 64GB Sandisk Extreme and also the supplied 16GB Kingston.

For those with freezing issues, I hope it gets worked out.


If we could just clone Cenk, then we could have one with a mk1 and one with a mk2 have a showdown…
Then we could see if the buttons and whatnot really make it faster… :sweat_smile:


Me too :+1:t2:


I had a Rytm mk1 for a while and played with the Octatrack mk2. I must say that I much prefer the interface, screen, knobs and lite buttons on the mk2. It is a nicer overall experience and I think that plays into your own creativity a lot.


Bought a new mk1 shortly before the mk2 announcement, returned it after a bit of debating. Got my mk2 last week. definitely think the upgrades are worth it :ok_hand: :love_you_gesture: :+1: :vulcan_salute:

Physical upgrades are fantastic: love the screen, buttons, encoders, and balanced inputs. New buttons are very nice, big workflow improvement. I only wish it was black, though the grey is growing on me.


This is beginning to bother me to the point where I’m seriously considering paying a visit to my local retailer to check out a second unit. The fact that even just idling it will crash at some point worries me. What about the cross fader on your OT MK2? Mine looks like the variable internally representing cross fader state is not properly initialized. The value (represented by the little icon in the display) will be random until I move the fader once. After that it seems stable. Does yours behave like that, too?

EDIT: I’ll take the plunge and pick up another MK2 later today and check whether it behaves differently. I’ll report back.


Mine does not freeze when idle. Nothing wonky with the xfader either… Could be that you got a unit from a ”bad batch”?


My crossfader is perfect, but I seem to have the annoying but apprently not-otherwise-problematic issue where the input indicator lights indicate input, even when nothing is attached. As if they’re tuned too sensitively. When i plug in a cable, even with nothing connected to the other side, the problem goes away.

Aside from that it’s perfect.

(I have opened a ticket about the input indicator lights.)


the indicator lights issue will be fixed in the next update


I admit, it’s a rhetorical question: any indication of when this will drop? Part of me is hoping for tomorrow…


I need it today :slight_smile: