Octatrack MK2 at super low price

Yep, didn’t know that, got a stomach ache :disappointed_relieved: :)))

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I just did something incredibly naughty and selfish. Noticed Paypal offering 0% Finance over 24 months which ended all resolve I have. That’s the naughty part. The selfish part is I’m meant to be saving for a ring for my other half :rofl:

I guess at the very least I will be making beautiful music on my own :sob:


Thank you for saving me from myself. :thup:

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Just doing my part for the Elektronauts community.


Is Juno’s ebay store trustable?

I got a px5 mixer from them on ebay…saved 100 pound and came next day.

Yeah absolutely. Bought stuff from there before. Really not sure how they can offer some of the stuff at the prices they do (DTs were c£550 recently) but always been fine for me.

checked there actual site -

no OT mk2 but DT on there at a good price :wink:

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I think their main site stock is linked to the eBay one. They did have the MK2 listed this morning at it’s regular price on the main site.

Hm… I don’t see the 3 year warranty on the item ebay page :slight_smile:

Isn’t it a 3 year manufacturers warranty you get? Doesn’t bother me either way to be honest.

You may be right :slight_smile:

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B stock or refurbs do not have warranty from manufacturer.

That is correct. Buyer beware.

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But shouldn’t it say in the add that it’s a B-Stock?

It’s not a B stock.

It was listed as “new” by Juno and, from experience, they are an honest bunch. Actually great to deal with.

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Yes, Juno are an excellent company. I get all my stuff from them. They made one small mistake once and generously compensated me without me even asking for anything.


bought my OT and MPC live from juno, hooked me up with a discount on the MPC too, called to price match and he knocked another tenner off aswell. nice guy

If it’s new then it’s a great deal! I’ve had good experience with juno, even when they shipped overseas to me in US, so I’d trust what they say.

I actually wonder how well it works if they ship to Canada…

It was listed as new on ebay. I think that must be the truth :slight_smile: