Octatrack MK1 Sending Transpot info Via Midi to Logic Pro X



I hope you’re well.

If this is possible, what are the settings for Logic Pro X and the Octatrack MK1 so that when I press the PLAY button on the OT, Logic Pro X starts recording?

If this topic has already been covered, my apologies. Please link the topic and I will go through it.

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Logic won’t start from a midi start command or sync to midi clock.
Do you have other gear and want OT to be master?
Either way you’ll have to press play/record on logic to start everything.

If no other gear you can have OT synced as slave to Logic by setting Logic to output sync to OT and OT set to receive transport and clock, OT as slave doesn’t work well for Pickup machines however.

If you want OT as midi clock and transport master for other hardware or use Pickup machines what you can do is set Logic to output sync to OT, have OT set to receive and send transport, but clock set to only send and not receive. This way you press play/record in logic which starts OT which then sends transport/clock to your other gear… You have to set Logic to the same bpm and can’t change it from OT. I think possibly recording pre-roll in Logic helps for this for tighter record start, it’s been awhile so can’t recall for sure.

Let me know if you need more details on making the settings…


Hello, Mike.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Looks like based off of what you posted, along with with other posts I’ve read surrounding this topic as well as my own experiments, my original plan isn’t going to work out.

This is by no means a setback, I was just looking for another small gain in adding efficiency to my set up. When I’m recording tracks I believe I’m going to have Logic Pro as master sending transport to the OT with no clock, and the OT sending BPM, and transport, to my other gear. I almost forgot how flexible Elektron’s gear is with midi config so I appreciate you reminding me.

Mike, you have essentially helped me figured out what I can do to make things easier for myself in the future. I am going to try out the new set up either later this evening or tomorrow and I’ll report back my findings.



My apologies for the delay.

I just wanted to let anyone reading this thread that the new set up worked out exactly as liked it to.

Again, thank you, Mike.