Octatrack MK1 1.31 Freezing/Locking Up


Hello everyone,

I am having an issue where my Octatrack MK1 running 1.31 is freezing/locking up. This has happened several times today. Turning the unit on/off fixes the issue.

This is obviously unacceptable for a production machine.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Is it perhaps related to a CF card not being fast enough or other corrupted files?

Any ideas?



I had one freeze on powering up


Boot into early startup and run test mode. (Hold function whilst powering up, enter test mode)


… and check the CF card on a computer if the file system on it is corrupted.


I also had this problem with USB connected to a hub (and Mac). Problems went away when no USB connected.


The only change between 1.30c/d and 1.31 is a screen saver for the MKII, correct? That’s the only thing listed in the release notes, and I don’t see any need to update my MKI from 1.30c for a 1.30d bug fix that only affects test mode and a 1.31 feature that is only relevant to the MKII.


I wish the Elektron firmware was open-sourced so badly.


Even if it was only for legacy products.