Octatrack Mk 1 unable to midi learn CC's from Digitone

My Octatrack Mk 1 is unable to learn midi CC’s from my Digitone. Both have been updated to the most recent firmware. Is this a known issue? I have no problems learning CC’s from my RYTM.

Same midi channel?
Right Digitone Midi settings? (CC send enabled)

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I’m sure the op has checked all of that
Even things like trying a different lead , uniting tracks , making sure it’s sending midi ccs. All the usual stuff.

And the ultimate … making sure both bits of gear are turned on.

Always first check the midi data flow with a midi monitor (MidiOx, MidiWrench, whatever suits your computer/tablet/iPad whatever). Only then post for help… knowing whether or not the DN sends data at all eliminates 50% of the possible causes.


I am having the same problem. Digitone sends midi data on midi channel ok on track 11 (auto) to OT.

However Digitone tracks midi data not sending data which ot can learn.

Digitone track 1 (not midi) set to send on midi channel 1. Ot midi track set in midi note setup to channel 1. But when I set ot midi track to midi learn, and turn the Digitone (eg) Xy mix knob, I can see ot is receiving midi data (dot top left ot tempo indicator), but ot is not learning.

In Port Config menu output ch=track channel; output = cc; encoder and trig dest = int/ext;

Any ideas?

User error! Ot and Digitone track both set to the same channel (16). Now working. Apologies.