Octatrack/Machine compatibility (plz help im an idiot)

I have an octatrack and a machine drum UW,

is it possible to to set it up so the machine drum changes pattern when i change the pattern on the octatrack?

It would make my life about a billion times easier if i could change patterns with 1 button instead of 2.

thank you!!! xoxoxox

Should be possible sending Program Change in Midi > Sync page.
MD must be set to receive it.

ive got it working so the octatrack is sending a program change now,

machinedrum is receiving the change on channel 4 and ive set a trig on the midi channel sequencer,

only problem is that the program will only change after one time round of the pattern on the Octatrack

hope that makes sense haha, is there anyway to fix that?


Forget prog change and the MD just for a minute

Does the OT change pattern straight away when you change pattern? If not there’s the issue, change the OT pattern settings and it will fire that to the MD as requested.

I screwed up and edited my post as I was talking arranger, ignore me I’m waffling.

To do this that you desire: make sure you are not in record mode (no red light) and hit FUNC+BANK, then arrow across to the option that says PAT LeN, this tells the pattern to change how you decide. I assume it reads as PAT LEN on yours? That means it will change pattern after pattern length is complete. You will want to lower this by using the LEVEL knob, bear in mind that this has to be done on a pattern by pattern basis, so if you’re in pattern 1 and you make this setting but decide you want it for a million other patterns then you have to change those million other patterns, if you only want the Transition pattern to react immediately just change that one. Oh, the lowest it can go from memory is 2/16 which is basically a trig in real terms so it’s pretty immediate

All this is in your manual too :tired_face: I know I know hahaaaa but it’s useful so I read mine all the time for fun :fearful: kidding but it’s good to know it.

An Ot + Md owner talked about double sound with slaved Md at the beginning of patterns. Did you hear about that?

Is that at me?

Anyone. It seems to be a known issue, I read it somewhere.

Sorry what do you mean by double sound?