Octatrack keeps mounting as read only Ubuntu 18


Hi there,

Everytime I try to manage samples on my new linux box, the OT mounts as read only and I can’t edit any of the files on board.

When I edit on my old mac it works fine. I’m really stumped and would love it to work on my linux box which is now my primary music machine.

Anyone else running linux?


My guess is that Linux detects some filesystem corruption and therefore mounts it read-only.

After mounting it, check the syslog for errors and warnings about the mount operation by executing:

tail -300 /var/log/syslog

which shows the last 300 lines from the syslog.

For further help please read some resources on the net like:

Even if they seem to be old, nothing has really changed and they are still relevant.


I had this problem with all manner of USB devices, particularly the CF card on an EHX 2880 looper. Using Gparted or the Mint 17 Disc utility to repair them fixed the issue, I think. Either that or the command line utility fsck.


Thank you both for your help! After the hint about file corruption, I backed up the card and then I formatted it. No more mounting problems after format.