Octatrack keep Pickup machine loop on pattern change

Hi there! I currently own an Analog Rytm and will probably expand my live rig by an Octatrack. One thing I’ve tried figuring out, but I haven’t got any answer, since its not specifically listed in the manual.
I want to use the Pickup machine, to sample & loop the outro of my current track (output from AR, and other synths) then, while the loop plays I want to start my new track “in the back” (without being heard at first) and then crossfade from the loop (old track) to my new track (new pattern).
Is this possible?

Summarised, I want to know if its possible that the pickup machine keeps the loop even if I change the pattern of the octatrack.

thanks in advance!

What about using a regular track recorder and play the recording with a Flex?
(It is also possible to play a Pickup recording with a Flex)

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The pick up machine playback is not disrupted when switching patterns. This is because playback machines dont use trigs. They are independent of the sequencer.

However, as @sezare56 mentions, track recorders and flex machines are more accurate, versatile, and much more obedient than those tricksy pickup machines.

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thx for all the input, glad that this will work. will source an octa soon and try everything out :slight_smile: