Octatrack: How can we bring up the AED of a sample lock trig?

AED only seems to take you to the audio editing section of the slot assigned to the track. But what if we have sample locks on this track pointing to other slots, how can we enter the audio editor quickly for that sample - is there a way?

Go into the slot list - highlight it with arrow key (don’t press enter) then Func + Bank (=Edit). That’s a mk1 answer but hopefully helps


On MK2 go to slot list, highlight sample, press AED button.


Thanks so that works as expected but not really a shortcut. So if I have a sample lock pointing to slot 60 for example, I need to go to the slot list scroll down and then press AED.

Not a big deal but a nice feature would be to hold the trig, press Up arrow (to bring up the slot list already highlighted on the correct slot), and then while held press FUNC+BANK

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I guess it does not have a shortcut as it typically isn’t something most users would need to do regularly, it would be handy for sure though to just hold the trig and press AED, try sending in a request to feature-request@elektron.se

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I haven’t tried it for a while, but isn’t the corresponding sample pre-selected when you enter the QUICK ASSIGN menu?

Only for the slot the track is assigned to.

For sample locks they can be anywhere so the QUICK ASSIGN menu takes you only to the track’s original slot.

Wow! And here I’m always actually selecting (pressing enter/yes), changing to each of the locked sample temporarily to make a change! Great to know.