Octatrack FILL Mode - Bug or user error?


I have fill set on a single trig’s trig condition for a simple riser on T6.

When I press play on the OT, the trig won’t occur while looping the same pattern over and over.

If I press [UP] + [PAGE] as listed in the manual when the trig comes around, it will trigger, play out its entire sound even when the loop restarts, not trig while it’s finishing the cycle, and then retrigger ever other loop cycle without me doing anything and having released [PAGE]… If I press [DOWN] + [PAGE] when the loop restarts, the trig will happen whenever I do that. I have yet to latch the fill, [UP] + [DOWN] + [PAGE]… Only thing I can think of is a length issue?

However based on the manual under no circumstances should the fill happen constantly when you press [UP] + [PAGE] and release page as soon as the first time you trig it occurs…

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


The manual is not clear about it, but I guess you need to release both keys ([UP] and [PAGE]) and not just one to get out of fill mode.


I released them both during the test.


Press Up + Page and hold for momentary Fill, Press Down + Page to initiate Fill Mode for one pattern cycle, will activate when the loop comes around the next time on step one.
Press Up and Down to latch, Up + Page to get out of Fill.
IIRC it unlatches Fill Mode the moment I press Page, don’t have to release the keys.
I’m usually using temporary fills, so I could be wrong.


Just a guess, but maybe fill mode is working as expected, and the riser is looping? (is loop on for the riser sample?)


This could be it as I’m following the manual precisely. I’ll check when I get home.


Fill worked properly when I tested it, didn’t find it practical. I thought that maybe one shot trigs are more practical. I encourage everyone to test and compare.
Just hold yes to activate all one shots.*
In grid rec mode, it concerns active track, in track mode, in concerns all tracks.
That way you can use one shots as Fill, and use the crossfader or change parameters…

*There is a Fn+Yes function in the Personalize menu. I tried it, disabled it.

Please correct me if I’m wrong or made mistakes!


I wish they had gone with the RYTM/A4 style of just hold “function” for instant fill.
Anybody know why not?


Page you mean? Just hold function can’t work. :wink:
Anyway, I’m sure it’s possible to find an easier “one hand” button combination way.


Lol! Yes PAGE, it’s my bday so I’m not completely right in the head


Happy birthday!
And since the beginning or OT TRC update I wish different buttons combinations.
I think it was not very easy to implement from previous firmware, keeping MKI /MKII compatibility. Being already very happy to have TRCs, I didn’t insist. :wink:


Yeah, just holding Page for Fill would be much more easy…
Thought about getting a DT for drums, because of that and the way DT handles mutes (muting trigger on DT vs. muting audio on OT), but OT is such a beast…

Using One Shot Trigs would be a way to do fills, but trig conditions are more flexible especially when working with one shot samples.


When I found out the implementation wasn’t as easy as the DT, DN. A4, Rytm… I was of course disappointed. OT always has to be the black sheep doesn’t it?


Yes. Especially the MKI :smile:
I’m not sure if Elektron will make such a battlesheep again.
As mentioned oftenly in the What’s next forum, a simplier mixer / looper / fx / sequencer thing would be great in their future, next to OT and more…


She was just one of the early birds. Her younger sisters & brothers had it much easier improving on what she learned the hard way. :wink:

:smiley: :rofl:


The last early bird, but she evolved with youngers later. I think A4 MKI is the youngest of the new generation.

We can say she for a sheep, right? :wink:
(I know there is different pronunciation between ship and sheep, but I’m pretty sure 99% of french people don’t :content:).


A difference between fill mode and one shot trigs is that with conditional trigs you can set trigs to activate in fill mode but also specifically NOT in fill mode. (consider a fill that also silences some other trigs in the pattern).


Totally. Good reminder. Use both at the same time?


I should really do that more, cause One Shot Trigs only need one button press to activate, which makes it much more easy to time them and play around.
Imagine having filled one Track with consecutively One Shot Trigs, you can activate just one, or more, or all of them, leave some out in between etc.
Each time the loop comes around you can totally alter the groove and you still got the right hand to play with the crossfader.

Conditional Trigs have this huge advantage, that you can silence trigs while others are activated, so it’s pretty easy to mute the kick, add some hats and do some snare rolls for a break, but One Shot Trigs can be played…Yeah…I should really use them more^^


Not really. Activating one shot trigs on a track activates all of them. If a single one shot trig gets triggered on a track all one shot trigs on that track gets disabled.

The only thing you can do is repeatedly re-arm it or hold the arming key combo for as long you want one shot trigs to trigger.