Octatrack Feature Requests [closed]

Would love if Octa could read WAV metadata like markers.

I use markers on the computer to mark loop points and beginnings of beats and phrases in long recordings. Wish the AED could see those markers and snap for easy splicing. Would be even better if the “start” knob could somehow snap to markers as well (a “Marker Mode” similar to Splice Mode?), making it very easy to trig different parts of a long recording. Imagine you have a 15 minute recording and mark 5 distinct start points. Currently, I either chop those into 5 different files on the computer, or I painfully try to mark and splice them on the Octa (no thanks when the recording is that long).

Etc. cheers

Maybe you can try Octachainer, generating a sliced wav file with an associated .ot file.
Octadedit should be complete for that purpose.

I read again, correct me if I’m wrong, what you want seems doable with different length slices.
Add several wav files to Octachainer / Octaedit and an .ot file will be created with slices, which can be used as markers.

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Sounds like they want the Octatrack to be able to load in a single wav file that was exported from SoundTrack / WaveLab / SoundForge / Whatever and read the metadata / markers to create slices based on that.

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Sounds like they want the Octatrack to be able to load in a single wav file that was exported from SoundTrack / WaveLab / SoundForge / Whatever and read the metadata / markers to create slices based on that.

Correct. I would like support for marker metadata.

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I second the multi-trig pressing for parameter locks etc.
That feature is great on the A4

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#1 wish for the octatrack, requested to elektron directly and a couple times here :~\

such a huge workflow enhancement this instrument is missing

Probably been requested a million times but please can we get a way for OT to use a midi keyboard without triggering recording and page switching etc? It would speed me up so much to be able to plug my launchpad (or any controller for that matter) and just play stuff in. Every few months I forget and plug something in only to go “oh yeah, that problem”


totally - i put that in the small tweaks thread.

i think the small tweaks thread should read to Elektron as “why wouldn’t you do this?” “your old friends want these” “and they’re TINY”


probably already mentioned (maybe by me), but I really can’t believe there isn’t a variant from studio/cue mode where there’s only ONE volume variable for both (MAIN and CUE)
that way you can cue any track to send it to fx, regardless of any changes you might’ve done to the LEVEL parameter…
I don’t know if this is clear enough, but it’s one of those think I regretted back in the day when I got the OT


Or maybe a button combination like Cue+FN.
In fact it changes only Cue but the display is buggy, looks like Master Cue.

It could be use for both Level + Cue

It can be boring, for sure, but something annoys me more : when you receive midi CCs, they are plocked when you press a trig.
I stop the sequencer in that case.

Option please !

Sorry I meant the track level/cue…
So if I adjust the level of the track, it would stay consistent with the cue level…
That way if you cue tracks the volume is the same - also great for the transition trick, if sampling from cue


I understood what you meant I think. Just thinking about a button combination that would change both at the same time. Don’t even know if they will change anything…:thinking:

You could use amp vol instead and leave the same track levels…


I would wish for a really basic synth built in. Like an o coast or korg volca. Just something small and basic to get a few samples from. That would be brilliant!

Edit. A radio like on the OP-1 would be great too. Just need a simple fm radio with antenna. Then that would be sampling nirvana!

well yeah, technically… not a bad idea.
although when working with external MIDI controllers (I’m not using one right now, but I’ve been thinking of going back to it) it’s much easier to map the faders to the AMP VOL parameter (0-64) and use that to mix tracks in and out, without having to worry about going over the “default” value

  1. Having the mutes work on a sequencer level instead of cutting the audio completely.

  2. Being able to use delay and reverb at the same time on a track (I know there are work arounds)

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