Octatrack Feature Requests [closed]

Yes that is what I remember last time I tried it, but it was a long time ago. I find it so unusable that I only ever have clock going into my OT but it would be cool to be able to play samples from midi without worrying what octave I am in and the possibility of triggering a recorder when not desired.

Oh okay my bad I get what you mean, thought you meant generally turning it off. Good suggestion, I don’t use an external keyboard with OT but it would be a useful option. It’s been a while but iirc that might just be why I stopped bothering trying to

2 possibilities : be careful with notes / midi channels, or use a midi processor to filter notes lower than chromatics.

  1. Fill A and B - this would be killer I think, to initiate a fill at the moment (OS1.30D) the user presses down or up and page, but if the scene A and B buttons were used to initiate a fill it would be a one handed operation…

Now also why not have TRC for separate fills for A button and B button, a tap of A or B and page would initiate the fill instantly (maybe selectable quantise option in personal menu) and a hold of A or B and page would have the fill for as long as the button combo is pressed.

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I really don’t like 2 hands combinations either but what about something simplier : same buttons without PAGE :

[DOWN] activate FILL mode for one pattern cycle
[UP] activate FILL mode as long as the keys are held
[UP] + [DOWN] latch Fill mode
[UP] unlatch FILL mode

Those buttons seems unused…:thinking:
It would be even possible to do it with YES (ARM / ARM ALL One Shots) with one hand ! :loopy:


I put that one in the Small Tweaks thread

Heads up for that thread let’s keep it alive because there are so many super-modest, useful requests that come from long user experience. Some of them have to be easy to implement without side effects, right?

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Trig conditions for recorder trigs, and possibly also slide and swing trigs.

That’s a brilliant idea! Would love to see this.

I’d be the first to buy an output expander hw if such a thing would surface. Imagine 8 individual stereo outs…:aw:


maybe this exists already but an offset for the LFOs would be cool. I know we can design our own but still, offset seems like something that could be useful (but I’m about to watch @CarlMikaelBjork video on elektron LFOs so maybe it exists) :smiley:

Some machines have the Start Phase parameter. Not the Octatrack, though.


I would love it if the nice colourful track selection buttons on the Octatrack MKII pulsed to show the output level of that track. I always make a mess of machines and forget what’s where, and this would help me hugely!


i like the idea of pulsing track selection buttons on the mkII - that would be a cool option, maybe as a Project Preference so the feature could be switched on and off as the user desires.

something i would like to see is a “Get Info” button in the File Management section … to easily have a quick file count of how many files (wavs and .ot) are in a particular folder. i’m doing song production sessions each day with the Octatrack, double and triple layering synth and bass lines… it’s easy for the file count to mount quite quickly.

would prefer not to unknowingly over-fill a folder past the allowable 1024 files if possible, and a quick file count check via the OT system would be useful as an option alongside the “Make Dir” and so forth.

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I would also really like it if my lovely OLED screens auto-dimmed or auto-off’d after some period of inactivity … my beautiful octatrack mkII is already showing some burn-in. It doesn’t affect operation but I guess at this rate in a year or two it might?

i use the inverse screen option with the OT, white on black, not sure if that helps avoid screen burn although it is much easier to work with for long sessions.

the mkII in my studio is currently displaying the most unusual assortment of non-standard colours on the buttons atm. Not sure why, although i think the issue is the Compact Flash Card is possibly compromised. Utterly gorgeous array of colours, it would be so cool to have a user-selectable colour palette via some computer application.

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I quite like the sound of the Dist parameter on the Lo Fi effect.

When increasing the Dist amount, the volume goes up, so i was wondering if maybe a second parameter could be placed next to the Dist (in the conveniently blank available space next to Dist) … some kind of “level attenuate in relation to Dist amount” rotary?

this way it could be possible to realtime increase the Dist and maintain same volume level, it would just sound cool when performing live, etc.

although actually i just realised the Level rotary is always immediately available for each track. so maybe the extra rotary space could be a “compress in relation to Dist amout”. Or a different type of subtle tube overdrive effect for later implementation.

anyway the more i use the Octatrack effects, the more i realise what a strength they are of the machine. very enjoyable sound qualities for production and performance.


An alternative would be to use a scene to drop the level on the amp page at the same time as you raise dist, you’d have good control over how much you attenuate, or even further use a compressor on the track too and use that on a scene

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maybe this has already been mentioned: but a Personalize option where you can be asked for confirmation before reloading a part.

It’s terribly frustrating when you’re riding the vibe, working at full speed on a kit (part) and you reload it by mistake…

yeah I know - “always save your parts” but sometimes yo do a lot in 15, 30 min, or whatever - you could always disable this option for live performance.


Couldn’t find that confirm part reload function…

it doesn’t exist yet, it’s a feature request :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I thought you were answering someone.
It’s a good feature request. :wink: