Octatrack Eternal Merch: Pins, patches, stickers, and shirts

A lovely little add-on to any order, and keeping the Octatrack Anniversary party rumbling on when others would have long kicked everyone off the dance floor. Celebratory OT Eternal pins, patches, and stickers are now available to buy, joining the Anniversary sweatshirt and t-shirt as webshop exclusives.

Infinity Pins
Forever Patches
Eternity Stickers
Anniversary sweatshirt
Octatrack Eternal t-shirt



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Dope! Was gonna cop the infinity pins but shipping is 2x price of the pins @ 200sek - can’t they be sent by letter post?

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How much would 2 pins sent to the UK in total? Im not into Swedish currency :slight_smile: Okay just checked £17. Hmmmm. I could get the Midi Pack for that.

When I put in cart total was £28 :open_mouth:

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When is next Beta test? :wink:
I really like the sweat shirt and…the crossfader pin!

Select your country at the bottom of the page.


20€ shipping…pretty heavy-caliber! I want that t-shirt, tho! And the pins, too! Damn…

Idk…group buy?


Last OS beta testers received it! :pl:
(Btw I recommended you as Beta tester, no luck, maybe next one! :wink:)


Ha! That’s cool! :blush:

Aww, thx mate! :upside_down_face: I’d love to help with beta testing.


Is there any word on global shipping / online store?

i continue to have the infinity / eternity sads not being able to buy stuff :frowning:

I recently ordered an ECC-6, was going to be €20 shipping, but adding the €10 Eternity pins broke the free shipping threshold. Order arrived in the US in 3-4 days, so certainly shipped from within the US.

Not something I would have gotten otherwise, but as an advantageous add-on they are nice.


The tee is really nice, is this only in black colour?

You sure? Check the tracking history.
My bag came from Sweden (through Cologne, and then to Indianapolis) in 3 days.
Same goes for Thomann purchases.
UPS Worldwide is fast these days.

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Sweet, thanks for clearing that up for me.

Would be nice to have larger images of the t-shirt and sweatshirt available. Difficult to really check the design.

How large are the patches?

Are there reseller in the US or CAN ? 30$ shipping on a 20$ items is a tad annoying :frowning:

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those patches are sick!! are there any plans for a restock?

still in stock from here? (just bought some)

Weird! This is before even setting a location