Octatrack crossfader can't reach end of the B position

Hello forum.
I’ve just found this weird mechanical behavior with my new OT MK2.
I can’t reach end of scene B while sliding.
Does anyone has similar?
I still have 30 days return policy. Should I use it because of it or it’s normal?

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That is normal and has been discussed a couple of times. Different xfader had to be used as og was no longer made. This replacement is a tiny bit shorter.


Awww man… That would bug me, even if it’s only cosmetic.


This seems as good a place as any to ask- can the caps be replaced on the mk2?
Where would one source a replacement?

Not only I think, visual references to reach multiples of 8 values must be wrong.
Btw, they are not perfect with my MKI.


I once wanted to play chords using crossfader and plays free tracks.
I loaded 8 longer samples (5 piano chords each) to tracks 1-8, sliced them that every sample had 5 slices, locked to scenes, sceneA=slices1, sceneB=slices5, every track/sample the same way.
All slices1 (fader full left) and all slices5 (fader full right) always played together, but moving crossfader let’s say to slices3 (somewhere in the middle) often resulted in wrong slices switching, most tracks played slices3, but some played slices2 (or slices4 if moving from right).
Crossfader can look so, but isn’t always perfect.


you are definitely a designer. perfect frame and crop)

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am I getting you right:
Elektron is not dealing with Infinium crossfaders anymore?

This post suggests that …Octatrack MKi vs MKii

I can’t recall the original source, but the original part/supplier was certainly EOL

That’s really sad. I would like to have everything working and looks as intended for the money which we are paying for MK2.

It works perfectly though, right ! If the part is no longer available what other options are there to sourcing another near identical equivalent.

If the grid printing could have been adjusted to accommodate it would have been a better way to read the position for sure. It would irritate me too.

Speak to support - you may be able to loosen the fader assembly and shift it right 0.5>1.0mm which might centre it better

It is what it is, so you have to make peace with it one way or another if you want OT action - it looks like the B position is unusually far ‘off’ - is it really hard up against the end ? again, speak to support and be sure that the crossfader is sending all its values 0>127 on a midi monitor

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yes, B position could not be moved further to the right in my case, it’s just blocked on this range of crossfader.

It’s probaply just an cosmetic issue. The new crossfader just doesn’t fit correctly into the cutouts, but as long as it can travel across the entire range underneath the case, there shouldn’t be any problems. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nevertheless a good idea to confirm with support that everything works as intended.

Test mode is useful to check if values corresponds to marks.
Func + Power On
Press Trig 1
Mode crossfader and check leds.


I was doing things with just 4 slices on the crossfader and it was bugging me that the bold lines weren’t anywhere near where the slice change would occur. Solution = set scene B to slice 5.


Yes, unless you use 64 slices, you have to set “last slice number + 1” for scene B. Scene B will play last slice.

Obvious with 16 slices.
Scene B = 17. Slice 17 (and above values) plays last slice (16).
Even with that setting, marks are not perfectly matching for me.

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Does it mean that all new OT MK2 are going to be with this issue?

Yes - this has been the case for a long time already - it may even have been a factor with the last batch of Mk1s - Elektron would know when the transition was, but this is oldish news - perhaps there have been developments that aren’t publicly discussed - again, support will advise you best on this

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