Octatrack, Analog four, Digitone, Mother32 and DFAM (Ambient Techno Jam)


Another track, another video. Really digging my setup the last few days :slight_smile:
This track started with a patch, where I tried to imitate a Daniel Avery sound. Goes back to this thread, where @sezare56 nailed the sound once again :slight_smile:

I did not so much, but it was the starting point to this piece, which I quite like.


Really good stuff! No more need for my sysex? :wink:


thanks :upside_down_face: still want the sysex


Next time I use C6. :wink:


I’m glad you’re enjoying your hardware. It sounds great!


thanks :pray: at the moment the boxes really play nicely together. especially soundwise.
Funny, after I started this daw productivity thread I basically made 3 tracks solely on my synths :slight_smile:


I’m glad you were able to elevate above a momentary preference before you did something dire like get rid of some of your gear! :grimacing:


haha, yes me too. usually I sell something quickly when I have doubts
I try to stick to this combination for a while


Nothing wrong with a good home-base :slightly_smiling_face:


Was it fun? :wink:


indeed, as always. But surprisingly productive :wink:

(But probably I will doubt the jam’s quality and record everything again to arrange it in the DAW :slight_smile: )


Sounds great.
I was looking at getting a DFam and was wonderif it can be start/stop and tempo controlled via the a4 cv controls?


But it doesn’t reset. Before you hit play, you have to set it manually to the step from where you want it to start