Yeah, they’re a killer machine, but IMO were just released without prior oversight on the learning curve/manual. Patience is a hard earned trait.

Fixed that for you. :slight_smile:

The Rytm gave me back some faith in Elektron’s UI design, it took one night to learn that machine, the Octatrack still has arcane and obscure features I’ve never used. Truthfully, I still upload my samples onto the OT, as the sampling functions are a PITA to use for the way I work.


I’m waiting for mine!!


Are so powerful ! It can be used simply, it’s not easy to choose the right options.
Just ask here ! :slight_smile:


Thank you, though I’m quite certain how to use it now. :smile:
If only there were 8 outputs instead of 4, and you could create trigless trigs that acted as loop points for long one shot samples I would be extremely happy.




hahha great


this is the most bizarre thing i have ever experienced online, congratulations haha


Why did you smash it to bits rather than selling it though? And can you confirm if that is a footprint? Did you jump on it?

The prophecy has been fulfilled


Yeah, as you can see on the auction, that question has been answered. Stamped rather than jumped, via a lack of self control and a certain satisfaction derived from frustration. Air Max 90s in full effect.


376 quid thus far Trig, y’loon!
Let’s have a gentleman’s sweep on a finishing price?
I’m going all in on £547.63


Easy with 2 OT ! :smile:

Workarounds with slices I guess. :thinking:
Slices can be looped, and have their own loop points…


Hey, maybe I was raised to suspicion because there are a lot of weird people out there, some of them being true artists with a Photoshop.
Sorry for doubting your genuine furiosity, I am half relieved this story is actually totally true !

Half (second hand) price for this OT, it’s becoming a true piece of art, man !

Congratulations, and thank you for the laugh !


That is the proper way to sell a non functional device- what a great era we’re in


Reckon this was Andy Stott’s.


Aye, I’m right. https://www.facebook.com/WeAreElektron/posts/10153811087307387


Surprised how much it went for… that’s $550 AUD. there was a guy locally selling one in mint condition with decksaver and gig bag for $1100 recently :laughing:


I bought this one from audio fanzine.
2 broken encoders, but they were just disassembled, anyway I replaced them.
Crossfader was plugged incorrectly, get it fixed because some users put images of the octatrack’s internals on the web.
Compact flash reader was totally screwed, octatrack would only startup in demo mode, I disassembled it and managed to unbent the pins, for now, it’s working but I need to replace the socket.
A led was destroyed (the right one of the crossfader), still waiting my spare one, but I does not affect the octatrack.
The screws of the top were replaced by Parker ones :laughing:
And finally, a friend of mine did some work to put the case in a good shape.

So, a good deal but required good soldering material to get sort of…


It was a bit risky ! :thup:
Tell me if you want to sell it one day. :slight_smile:


It took me a Saturday to make it work, for now I use it at 12%, still have a lot to learn but I love it.
Usually I only keep machines that creates sounds but I think this sampler will stay with me a long time… :slight_smile:


He obviously didn’t read Merlin’s OT guide!

I wonder who the heck will buy this train wreck of an OT?