OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor



OctaEdit v2 is currently in private Beta testing.

Next stages will be public beta / Release Candidates…

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FYI: Just released a new Beta build for the private beta testing stage.

Couple of niggly little things to sort out; then will move on to the public Beta / Release Candidate stages.


2019 03 24 Just released a new Beta build for the close beta testing stage.

Plan at the moment is to expand the closed beta testing / in time for next Beta release.

Release(s) after that will be public / Release Candidate(s)

Sort out any loose ends; then official release.

All dependent on user feedback / bugs / feature requests etc.


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Will the V2 be a free upgrade if i buy V1 now or is it better to wait until you release a public version. I would like to buy OctaEdit to support the developement of version 2.


Free upgrade


Thank you. Bought!


I couldn’t find the answer to this on the OctaEdit site. Is OctaEdit a Java app?



All my time / effort / energy is going into v2 dev / testing / tieing up loose ends at the moment; so for some people; yes, maybe better to wait for official v2 release?






Rad. Then I’m in!


Out of curiosity, why are you asking ? Safety, efficiency, unavailability of Java on your machine ?


Hehe all of the above are valid concerns when it comes to java ^^


Exactly. Plus they’re always awful, sluggish, and don;t use the native UI of the Mac.


Dear OctaEditors,

After some careful consideration; I’ve decided to move into the Public Beta stage.

OctaEdit v2 is a massive update, and I have changed a large number of elements, and thus have lots of things to test, and can only do some much in one day on my own.

As such I’ve just pushed out OctaEdit v1.5.300 Beta Release for OSX

Some very important things to note:

  • This is very much a Beta. Do NOT use it with anything you value, as there will be bugs.

  • Where is the Windows beta? I am currently working through some Windows specific issues.

  • I have mainly been concentrating on the Sequencer module; as I am sure you will see.

  • The Arranger and Manager modules are not available in the Beta.

  • GUI Resizing has not been finished yet. This is in the process of being finetuned. If you have a small screen size, you may struggle with the Beta. You are welcome to give it a go, but GUI resizing will be occurring towards the end.

  • Let me know how you get on. Comments / feedback / bug reports very much appreciated.



Just started playing around with the beta- yay! There is a minor feature request I was hoping for (as it would save me a ton of time), and it appears to be in the new version: being able to set slice start and end points by typing in numeric values. I found that it’s possible to type in the values in the bar immediately below the waveform; however, I don’t seem to be able to save- nothing seems to happen when I click “Save File” under “Sample Slices”. The status bar at the bottom shows the new values, but the box for that slice in the lower section of the screen. If I save the project and then reload, the values are not updated. Thanks!


It should save automatically; as you are editing the “in memory” setting there.

And that should save a physical file on your hard disk / Octatrack


Q: is the sample chainer in the new octa edit anything the same vs. the old octaedit V1.0 or has there been features added ?