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Sorry for off topic, but @rusty is fighting afain! (also @Zikk reference!)


Oh! You recognize it at once!


Quick question. Bought Octaedit a couple months ago…Used it once. Plugged it in, loaded my only Set and Octaedit said that four of my projects could not be loaded. Four errors found…Anyways, those four projects were the ones I wanted to organize…But, I’ve been working nonstop since then without enough time to sit down and deal with it. I have the time now…So, I tried again. Todos Mismo. Anyone had this problem? Would love to use the software.


I’ve seen that once or twice…

More then likely it would be due to having illegal characters (i.e. non standard) as these are not supported. These maybe within Project Names; Part Names or Sample Names / File Paths.

i.e. Function as designed.

I’ll ping you a pm.


Thanx so much Rusty.


Dear OctaEditors,

I’m looking for a dozen good men and women to do some advanced beta testing of stuff and things.

You’ll be known as the “dirty dozen” :wink:

Some requirements:

  • OSX Only [ Windows later ]
  • Must be an existing OctaEdit user.
  • Must be very comfortable with the Octatrack.
  • NDA Required

Interested? Answers on the back of a postcard to the usual address.



I use OSX.
I’ve never used octaedit
I still suck on the Octatrack
Can barely spell NDA

Guess I might not make the Dirty Dozen :slight_smile:


I’d call them the dirty apples. :expressionless:


Thanks to all that responded. I’ll send an email out over the weekend.


I’m in.


Oh, you will be *

  • Maybe…


I precise I meant I’m just a volunteer (to be in the 12 Monkeys army :wink:)


There’s no escape for you now.


I’m very busy and my computer is broken. :scream:

True, I’ll need an external screen, but it seems I have a highly important mission now. :slight_smile:


Emails sent :wink:


Always the bridesmaid :frowning:


Didn’t see anything from you / did I miss it? Send me a pm


Is there currently a way one can become an existing OctaEdit user?


Not at present, no. Sorry. Refer below post.

I’m a bit strange like that.

All will be revealed soon as they say on the telly.