OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


I’ve actually helped launch two Kickstarters (I produced all the videos) that were just ideas without much development at all and they actually both got founded, though both were not electronic gear (adult coloring book and cat perch covers… seriously) and they both needed only $7,000 - $10,000… not sure what your needs would be.
A kickstarter type deal is imo the best way to guage interest with minimal investment.
Is it a general application device or specific to the OT?
Feel free to pm if you prefer a private convo.


i think the market will flock to anything that is new , innovate and plausible , and the people behind it have a proven track record in some way … that granular synth did well , Deluge is doing well (deluge is more of an example of a new device , new developers taking their own approach and proving that a small team can be more innovative that larger companies in certain respects)… the device doesn’t need big marketing campaign , just good functionality and an understanding of how to use forums / user requests / itteration of the OS .




… I’m screwed.


Yeah, I understand - there’s a sweet spot and upper price tolerance level that needs to be met. And of course you don’t want to reveal too much before you’re in actual dev.

Tricky but I’m sure you can find a way!


This is fascinating work.
So, if I understand, the context of moving a bank (song) with all related samples from one Project to another Project would require re-assigning some of the slots of the samples being trigged if that slot is being taken by the new Bank (with it’s own slot assignments)?
The “re-mapping” term you use I am getting at, either I missed how this actually works, and assumed by your use of quotations, a finer print.

From what I read so far, OE basically handles all the program data, but I am a little vague on the actual sample wav data, which of course, varies, and with the way the OT’s RAM/CF works assume a bit more “complicated”?

Very interested in OE as my creative process is chaotic and the usefulness of batching my favorite Banks from different Projects will be necessary for gigging, which I am sure is common.
Apologies if this was already covered…I actually shy away a bit from the “data” side and more of a ‘right-brain’ conceptual thinker and appreciate you tech guys making our work easier!



Not much of a finer print, just a process to go through.

Here is a little video of copying a Bank from one Set/Project to a different Set/Project and remapping some samples.


@MixedSignals If that video doesn’t clear things up / you have other questions / need anything clarified; just let me know.


Hmmm, that’s interesting :thinking:


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Added Midi Export functionality to OctaEdit… amongst other stuff and things yet to be revealed.


I hope I can see you one day switch to hardware… An interesting journey it would be.


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Hmmm, that’s interesting :thinking:
Standard Midi File?
What if there are random arps and lfos?
Midi import too?


That’s what I thought :thinking:


Handles Trigs, MicroTiming and Parameter Locks

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Ok but if you have 4 notes with rdm arp, midi file would contain the 4 notes chord only ?

If a random lfo modulating a CC is plocked, what would be the value? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



It would be a random value between the Control Change minimum and maximum based on the LFO Step value, which has been generated by a random seeded value.


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