OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


My “little” Request vor V2 if it’s not too late:

  • ability to save “playlists” and inject them into a project.
    explanation: a playlist is the samples/songs loaded into the static or flex-slot list.
  • usage: when dj-ing with the OT, one can compile a playlist of songs that you want to play and save this list for a later recall. So one could save his playlists like in traktor and then load this playlist into a project and save this project with a new name.

I’m happy to explain further if it is considered useful and doable :slight_smile:

  Anyone know if we are able to zoom in on slices of a chain while in samples module (or chainer module) in order to fine tune start/loop/end points?  I hope to also move the shorter slices into the silent gaps where I've shortened other slices in the chain.  I can do this in the octatrack but I bought octaedit largely for ease of chain creation and also for ease of chain/sample editing.  
 I'm speaking of the latest version of octaedit prior to this new beta version coming out.  I believe I'm on v.30 with the conditional trips.    Tries.   Toga.  Whoops.  Trigs.  There we go.  Spellcheck got a little outta hand there but it was a lot of fun., wasn't it?!   Thanks, Nauts.  
   Oh, yeah, also wondering if the new beta version has this functionality.   Thanks, Rusty


I think I understand what you are asking for… basically a playlist is a list of audio files and their locations.

You want to be able to generate a playlist from ??? or a existing project?

You then want to be able to import this “playlist” into a new/different project?

Is that right?


it’s highly useful for me! the interest is in how quickly you can organize any mess you’ve made in the OT.

i make huge messes constantly and the ability to sort them out quickly is nearly priceless.


Ah well, probably not for you then I guess? C’est la vie.

Probably not unless I create a hardware modification and/or create a custom OS; or Elektron have already done that and never enabled it, or Elektron code a SysEx implementation.

Even then, the mind boggles as to how I would squeeze all the functionality in OctaEdit into those paradigms…


Not in the Chainer, for reasons. Samples you should be able to fine tune with the sliders.


Did someone say Toga party? \o/


exactly that.
It does not have to be from an existing project necessarily, but surely helpful too.

I’m more looking for a neat way to compile a list of tracks/samples and save as a list to load into projects later when needed.

Ideally, I would be able to choose slots/files from the saved “playlist” and load all or some of the slots into a project-slot list.


Like others, I’m interested in OctaEdit because it looks like a useful toolkit for setting up the OT.

I enjoy playing live shows with my OT, but whatever sample files and so on that I use with the OT don’t just magically appear out of nowhere. They have to be loaded into the OT and organized in certain ways. Also there are some operations that cannot be realistically done onstage because of Elektron’s design decisions - stuff like slicing sample then assigning slices to trigs.

That’s where OctaEdit promises to make these non-realtime job easiers and more inspirational.

For live use, there’s an iPad app called Manifold. It is not a competitor to OctaEdit - it lets you use an iPad as a MIDI CC controller for Octatrack from what I understand. Manifold might be what you’re looking for.


Can do that; but that then requires the utilisation of an additional external system / methodology, probably a simple text file to something pointing to the files; or if I’m smarter I could easily wrap up a playlist in an archive… that could then be (selectivly) imported.


All of this is done easily enough with the Samples module already; and you can use the Manager module for transferring existing Samples from one Set/Project to another.

The Manager Module has an option to only transfer Samples, and not copy any Elements.

So I’m not really seeing the ROI on developing something for such an edge case, when I could replicate the functionality / do the process very quickly with what is already there?


If you or anyone else want an awesome piece of hardware, with a full blown editor with all (i.e. similiar) functionality of OctaEdit, plus lots, lots more, and all in realtime, then the best option for anyone who is interested in such a thing is to:

a) Give me money to help with development costs.


b) Wait until I release it, and buy it then.

If there is something you or anyone else feels is lacking, or other hardware fails at, I’m open to suggestions, but I’ve already got a very healthy viewpoint and pipeline.


You would do a new hardware, a new OS for OT, or a new OctaEdit with realtime emulation ?


New hardware. Already in development.


An OT 2 with sysex or something really different ? :loopy:


Different. Unique.


You’re ruining bedtime for me now!


I can just recycle this old post…


Heck of a bomb to drop today!!!

Commence saving of pennies…


:scream_cat: :smile_cat:


Zooming in on slices in the samples module does not allow the markers to move proportionally with the zooming. The markers don’t move at all until they are dragged. I hoped at least that the start points would remain at their exact positions with respect to the whole sample then I could just shorten the tails.
In other words, when zooming, only the actual waveform zooms whilst the markers stay frozen. Anyway I hope the new version has an easier editor than the OT. I’d like to get away from the tiny OT screen. This slice editor in version .30 is not what I imagined it could be. I do enjoy being able to easily drop samples into the chainer in whatever order I choose but just hoped for more finely tuned editing in this particular part of the vast Octaedit. I’m sorry. Maybe I’m missing something. I can’t even scroll left or right in the waveform. Wa. Wa. It’s like I’m in prison.
Thanks Rusty. I’m definitely looking forward to the new octaedit.


I’ve completely recoded the entire Samples module from scratch.

Finer editing in the Chainer module?

@Dicky11 : I’ll send you a pm