OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


The train is not at the station at the moment…


My bad for reading “OctaEdit V2 is here” and kind of glossing over the rest. Your post does indeed state it will be unavailable for purchase, further tdown.


You can add/edit/delete Slices in the Samples module.

The Chainer module allows the ability to import seperate audio files to create a Sample Chain, which can then be saved seperately, or imported directly into a Project. As well as being able to open and edit an existing sample chain, providing archive functionality etc.

No support for third party information, e.g. Ableton, Audacity etc. Ableton (don’t use) I would assume stores all that information in those horrible, horrible asd files the program throws all over the place. Audacity I don’t use.

The Sequencer module allows access to Trigs, Slide, Swing, Recorder Trigs, MicroTiming, Trig Counts, Trig Conditions, Sample Locks, Parameter Locks…

Lets keep it in the realms of reality, no? I’m only human…


Thats an old (very old?) screenshot… I’ll add a new shiny one later today.

Can you delete that one please @sezare56?




Ye ole Rusty, when will I be able to download it for beta testing?
My link still points to the 1.4 :thinking:


Can I leave it and add “The very old ugly sreenshot”? :slight_smile:


Not yet to be honest. But that shouldn’t be too hard to do manually; and I should be able to code up a little process to do that automatically.

It’s on the feature list, but seeing as it can be done manually quickly enough, it is not the highest item on the list.


Sure, but I can’t say Megabreack can be done quickly manually without automation !
BTW I’m working on Megabreack automation in OT only but it is more MegaBrain Warping.


I can :wink:

But because I like you, and you are a cool cat, I’ll see what I can do just for you.


Does lots of things you can’t do with the Octatrack… @sezare56 pointed out some of the key elements. There is all those and more and more.


Yes, zoom, move and you can place/edit Trim and Slice Start/Loop/End markers based on sample or bar.


Not quite yet. #glasshalfempty #cynical


Samples Module in Slots mode

For those asking about zoom, marker placement etc, i.e. @sezare56 and @maara:

Can zoom via the four buttons (Zoom Out Full | Zoom Out | Zoom In | Zoom In Full ) in the top right hand corner of the Sample Editor; or by using the mouse wheel. And note the scrollbar under the grey marker point area for movement.

Trim and Slice Start / Loop / End markers can be dragged, locked and for finer precision either position in Samples or position in Bars can be manually entered.

Samples Module in Slices mode

Samples Module in Add Samples mode

Completely re-coded all the logic around adding / importing samples into Project.

In this screenshot, Samples have been dragged from the Audio Finder into the Samples module.

More news soon…


if you allow me a note @Rusty: ( not shure what about your “zoom”* talk was about ? guess it was about samples/sample editor ? )

hopefully the octaedit GUI can be scaled, …?
or at least make it please possible to have some single modules with a option for a zoomed in GUI,
especially everything in regards to file juglling or where file juggling is a main part.
please keep the man in mind that where jung ponys a few years back and turn old farts within no time.
…shitty starring at a screen half or all the day.
this would be VERY welcome and can TOTALLY make the difference beween not using a software at all or loving it.

personally i could not use my octaedit V1 on my 13" macbook.
and when i checked the remaining old version iof the octaedit on my 27" screen (after selling my OT) was it still much too cramped and the fonts too small that i ever would have used it.
But i couldn´t tell you if it was my fault and i just had misssed out on some settings that i could have donne ?

Even for jung people, personally, if i were young, i´d stay well clear of too small GUIs and fonts…
personally i think this is overall from much more importance than a bit more functionality or less !

not moaning here. i post cause i know how awesome the octaedit is, respectivly the OT, respectivly to add the octaedit to the (my) OT
( I: sailing now on a mkII, hehe )


Is it buyable?
I have tried to access the homepage but it is still preparing.


Not at present. I’ve disabled purchasing whilst going through release cycle. This is so I can focus 100% of my time and energy on bug fixes and enhancements.


I suggest laying down on the tracks so you don’t miss it when it flys through the train station next time.


Naw, I’m pretty chill over here. Thanks for the thought though.


It took multiple months for me to catch the train. You’ll catch it eventually :slight_smile: