OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Arrrgg Missed it again!!!.. Oops sorry, old habit :crazy_face:

Hmmm more news? Sounds interesting :slight_smile:


I hope so…


OctaEdit v2 is here.

What’s new in OctaEdit v2?

  • Updated GUI / UX
  • Octatrack Mk II Support
  • OSv1.30 Support
  • Conditional Trigs
  • A myriad of new functionality and improvements.
  • Updated / rewritten manual in progress.

How much will OctaEdit v2 cost?

OctaEdit v2 will be a free update to all existing users.

Will you be adding in function X, Y or Z?

Now would be a great time to let me know if you have any feature requests; or additional functionality that you would like added.

Release Process and Availability

OctaEdit will be progressing through the following release stages:

  • OSX Public Beta
  • Windows Public Beta
  • General Release ( OSX and Windows )

I will be staggering the release / availability to ensure I don’t get drowned :expressionless:

Will be pushing out OSX public beta and requested licences later this week.

Whilst this is occurring, OctaEdit will be unavailable for purchase. This is so I can focus 100% of my time and energy on bug fixes and enhancements.

I appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

More news soon…



OctaEdit v2 divides the available Modules between “Main Modules” and “Sub-Modules” as follows:

Main Modules: Project, Samples, Sequencer, Arranger, Manager, Chainer, Arp Designer, LFO Designer, Options and Support.

Sub-Modules: Audio Finder, Library, Analytics

The Sub-Modules are displayed to the right-hand side of OctaEdit.

These can be optionally docked as such:

Or can be undocked entirely:

When un-docked, the Sub-Modules can be displayed as an optional pop-out:




i’ll be grabbing this as soon as it’s available. just bought a OT2. super stoked


The layout looks much more intuitive though I’ve barely used V1 as is. That was quick BTW :slight_smile:


That’s what my lady says to me :expressionless:


Feature request : ability to add slice points into a wave file instead of using octachainer ( which needs separate files) . Doing it by hand or importing from another app is fine with me. Ableton transient/markers , audacity labels , stuff like that.

Ability to view / filter notes by conditional trigs, in fact any parameter that can be applied to a note.

Ability to ensure no one is expecting overbridge for any current octatrack as it’s never coming and was never supposed to be .


This looks indeed impressive and I’m genuinely curious.
Just got a OT MKII so for what reasons would I get this? Better overview or does it do something that OT does not?


Many, depends on your needs.
It can do unique things or things that would be nightmarish without it.
I think the best for me is projects management, combining several projects in one, reorganize samples, create a project template modifying all banks, copy parameters…

I hope @Rusty added functionalities to Slice / Chainer such Megabreack. :wink:

I wouldn’t have time time to use OctaEdit this summer so I guess I’ll buy it this autumn / winter.


wow @Rusty, those 14 month flew like nothing.
Thank you, will try later.


A feature i would love would be a peak vu display. I’ve been putting together a live set and as i usually use kicks (or beats with kicks) on track one i mute everything else and go through each pattern to make sure this kick/drum track is around the same level. An added visual display would speed up thus process.


Maybe a stupid question but I wasn’t able to find it on any screenshot or video - when editing samples, is there any way to zoom in so I can place any markers more accurately?


For sure there is a zoom, but I couldn’t see it in that screenshot either…
It can be the white bar under sample.

“censored ugly old screenshot” :slight_smile:


Doesn’t that rely on playing the audio ? Couldn’t you just feed output into ableton / daw / etc.
This is an editor for the hardware device , not overbridge replacement ( streaming audio data via USB into daw etc ) .
Or I’m misunderstanding your request …

I may dive back into octatrack , nice to be able to inspect / manipulate data like this , unsure if some of the finer details would ever get into overbridge for digitakt / rytm / analog 4 / digitone


YES, you made it, congrats, amazing work!!!

Can´t wait to see it in action!


Yeah I might be making an impossible request, i thought that if sample management etc is available that maybe there is some way for the software to gauge the dry sample db and/or post fx db.
Admittedly i know nothing though.



Cheers @rusty


Finally climbing onboard the OctaEdit train tonight.