OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Crunch Time / Alpha Testing…

OSX / Windows Beta should be available in about two weeks all going well.


I just found out about this software and bummed I missed the v2 campaign.

Is that still in development?


Always. What does the post above you say? :wink:


good to know :wink:

v1 does work with the mkII minus the issues listed on the site? the indiegogo said that v2 is compatible.


v2 doesn’t technically exist. The IndieGoGo wasn’t funded.

If you are not in a massive rush / have any concerns; then maybe wait for the next public release as I’m very busy in Alpha testing; then the public Beta / Release Candidate follows next.


@Kingtiers: Refer to post #1302; re Crunch Time / Alpha Testing


Yeah, I read this. I’m just being impatient because I’m in the process of organizing and multitracking tracks I’ve been working on for an album.


Let me know if you need another tester. Glad to help out. ESXi with a lot of different VMs for testing is at hand.




Was lucky enough to buy the older version while it was available, it’s been a massive time-saver for organising samples, no menu-diving. Look forward to the features of the new version!


Any updates on when this may be available again?


Looks like the version for OS 1.25H is currently available… check www.octaedit.com


OT MKii is still?


Been available again for a while. But if you are in no rush, wait till I annouce/release the next update.


Correct. OSv1.25E and OSv1.25H. Currently Alpha testing stuff and things. OSv1.30 has some limitations.


Is still?

As above / website with OS versions. OSv1.25E and OSv1.25H. Currently Alpha testing stuff and things. OSv1.30 has some limitations.


Okay will do. Thanks for that.


hey @Rusty! Just a quick one - I have an OT MK2 which is on 1.30 hence not officially supported… - if I purchase the current version of the Octaedit, will I get access to the Octaedit 2 beta and a free upgrade to v2 once released?



Yes and Yes.

With the caveat that v2 doesn’t officially exist. I’m just working on an update. Nothing exists until I officially announce / release it.