OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Hey there,
I just spent the past hour scrolling through the history on this thread and have a great respect for OctaEdit. Great work.

I mainly use my OT as a mixer having the AR and A4 go into tracks one and two, then add in some other loops on the other tracks.

My question is basic - can I drop samples to track slots like the SDS app for the AR?
Also, is it still possible to purchase just this subset of OctaEdit, and which one would it be?

My apologies if this is laid out somewhere.

Keep up the amazing work. Much respect.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Was it a fun read?

Kind of… there is a different concept between the Octatrack and the Analog Rytm to a degree.

The Samples module is used for the Sample Slot management. The Sequencer module allows you to define which Sample Slots are used in which Parts as the Track Defaults.

The Track Default Sample is simply a reference to a Sample Slot; so if you drop a sample into the appropiate slot; then it will be automatically recognised. Or you can drop it into any other slot in the Samples module (e.g. Flex027); then change the Track Default to look at that slot (i.e. Flex027)

Not till I get the v1.2 Update released… There has been a bit of a delay due to personal / family reasons I’m afraid.

Hope that helps?


Thank you for the quick reply!


OctaEdit for Octatrack MkII / OSv1.25I

Will OctaEdit work with the Octatrack MkII ?

I don’t know yet… but I would assume so; and I will do my best to ensure that OctaEdit will be compatible with the MkII’s / New OS.

Looking at the new buttons; I would expect a new OS release; OSv1.25I; to handle the shortcuts that the keys will enable. Apart from that I’m just working on the basis of comments I’ve seen on Elektronauts (e.g. “cosmetic change only” and “backward comaptible”)

A new OS release naturally that means I will need to do a whole round of testing and checking. There will be a delay in the support for any new OS post release whilst I throughly perform my own round of checking and UAT; refer OSv1.25F and OSv1.25G if you’re wondering why the lag.

Until I get my hands on the MkII / OSv1.25I; I know as much or as little as anyone else.

Remember, I don’t work for Elektron; and have no special communications or anything with them. I’m just another Octatrack user…


Really looking forward to the next update… I’ve been very busy; and have just moved into the Alpha testing stage.

I sure hope you like whats coming… resisting temptation to post some screenshots.

Should be a couple of weeks away…


Please note that OctaEdit will be unavailable to purchase for a couple of weeks; as I concentrate on polishing off the next big update.


Spotted this on OT FB group … would be perhaps a nice feature of Sequencer Module …?


You mean the hidden calculator functionality that in the Actions group of the Sequencer module? :open_mouth:


Hey Octaeditler,
is there any independent review (youtube, blog) about the Octaedit Software?
Tried to find something: no success yet.
Thanks for helping


What do you want to know?


I’m sure this is way to late in your release schedule, but one thing that has held me back from using OctaEdit is the UI, not sure what the next release has in store of course. In saying that, my day job is UI design and prototyping, and I’m more than happy to donate some spare time, (in my own selfish interest :smiley: ) if you are interested in any of that.


Be interesting to see what will be seen… soon…

Just reviewing/testing/editing a lot of code, and travelling a lot for work at the moment; and the there is the new OS to factor in… :wink:


Wow. I just signed up after getting a MKII. The first question on my mind was how to build an external editor. Sent it to Elektron this morning without realising the history here. Nice going Rusty. I’m interested in beta testing - MK II / OSX - no offence taken if its too late. Just really want to be able to break free of the OT UI at times.


For the curious…

I’m deep in the middle of a giant update, with a full code review and testing cycle. At the same time, I’m being slammed with corporate work; and well, there is only so many hours in the day… So really busy right now, with a lot going on, hence the unavailable for a little while.

Hopefully should be back with the shiny new update / ready for the new OS / conditional trigs soon…


Looking forward to it - better to get it right than get it fast - whenever it is is good with me :wink: :


Can someone please explain to me how I activate the OctaEdit software?! I installed and everything, I have the ‘Lic’ file, dont know how to activate.



I didn’t think you “activated” anything from memory. Once Rusty has you on the mailing list you just download and install the latest version and you’re good to go. Maybe something has changed recently. In any case, @Rusty can help.


Your license file came with instructions in a file called OctaEdit.txt


All I know is everything has a dark green (background) and red (lettering) like screen over it. Ill try and find that Text file. But none of you know the simple answer? Like do i drop the Lic file onto a certain area? it looks like a Terminal file, do I just open it in terminal? If you know please just reply… no biggy


For the more recent versions, you should have received an email from the developer that contained the following instructions:

This email should have two attachments:

OctaEdit.lic : This is the licence file, copy this to your desktop.

OctaEdit.txt : This is your licence information in a plain text file, so you can copy/paste details easily.

Licence Instructions:

Note: You only need this for v1.1.300 and above.

Copy the OctaEdit.lic file to your desktop.

Launch OctaEdit and click on the OctaEdit logo.

The About form will be displayed. Click the ‘Cog’ button in the bottom right corner.

Enter the below details in the fields; then click the green tick.