OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor

Things have been a bit complicated for the last few weeks; month/month and half for the obvious reasons. This has had knock on effects unfortunately, so stuff has been slow at my end.


I wonder how recording 8 tracks simultaneously should technically work. There are simply not enough outputs available. I guess OctaBounce does it one track at a time and not simultaneously, right?

Fair enough. I know you need to make money, just like the rest of us, so I totally get other things demanding your time. Just know when you offer this product, you’ll have my money. I’m not upper class by any means, in fact I’m scraping the bottom of middle class if I’m lucky, but the amount of time I spend recording my OT vs. what I make an hour at my job equals me willing to pay you a decent amount of money for said DAW to buy the time I lose messing about with OT recording.
So, keep me posted please. I already own OctaEdit and love it and look forward to V2 but Octabounce DAW is unbelievably more tantalizing to me right now.

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Any combination of mono, stereo, quad, dual mono, whatever the Octatrack supports. Hence OctaBounce. The “simultaneously” came from original post by kritzkom (#2101) and not clarified by me (#2102)


That’s exactly why I asked, because you answered with “yes, it is possible” to his question (suggesting an Overbridge-like functionality, which, of course. isn’t possible).

Sooooo octaedit v2?

Edit: when will it be available? I would have thought that covid would actually give more time for development and support since everyone is stuck at home :upside_down_face:

Not everyone has the same situation. Not everyone is stuck at home.

Some people still have to leave home to go to work - people who work at supermarkets, hospitals, etc.

Among those who are fortunate enough to be able to support themselves by working at home, some say they work even more now than they did when they were commuting away from home to work.


Hmm ok. I understand that everyone’s situation is different. I’m still only asking for some sort of update? I am not trying to troll or be rude.

Regardless if you work at a supermarket, you are still stuck at home outside working hours. Hence my comment.

My apologies for thinking that a software developer might have a work from home situation, though it seems like a logical conclusion to me. I don’t mean to offend anyone, especially said developer.

Rusty has some personal challenges to deal with that he’s mentioned before recently… and that was before the pandemic. That’s why some OctaEdit fans are being patient.

I have faith that he’ll give us an update when the time is right.


Good luck to rusty then… I want to be a fan.


Hi Rusty, just wondering if being able to downgrade to an old os on my octatrack it would allow me to use the earlier version of your octaedit, in that case I would buy your software so I could use it until the new octaedit release.
Hope it make sense.
Thanks in advance and stay safe out there, peace✌🏻

What ppl usually use OctaEdit for? Or the most?

No, do not do that. Stay where you are / on OSv1.31.

v1 works with [ v1.25 | v1.30 | v1.31 ] already, just has some limitations around Trig Conditions.

v2 handles [ v1.25 | v1.30 | v1.31 ] simultaneously already; though there is a temptation to KISS and just support [ v1.30 | v1.31 ]


I primarily use it as a stress generator and to antagonise my partner. ymmv of course.


i use it to make a new project much quicker and more efficiently than I can on the OT itself.

adding new samples and putting them where I want them is a breeze in OE.

getting all my tracks/machines how I like them is also very very smooth.


Nothing ! I can’t open a set in it ! :rofl:

PM Sent


Hope your making it through the mayhem ok- tough times.

Keep me posted on when V2 or even V1 becomes available. I’m ready to buy!

Some of my plans for Octaedit usage:

  • Adding custom LFOs to all parts (offsets, sine)
  • Designing custom bank templates
  • Reorganising banks quickly and efficiently; even across projects
  • Reorganising project audio pools without breaking all the references
  • Set-up custom scale arps
  • Standardising thru machines that use the same input (gain staging)
  • Getting a comprehensive overview of an entire project
  • Remixing patterns and projects
  • Altering trig conditions in a more efficient environment

Godspeed Rusty.


Something along those lines / can see light at the end of the tunnel.

All doable.

Thanks :slight_smile: