OctaEdit - Octatrack Software Editor and Librarian [ OSX / Windows ]

Sorry… been offline a few days work/travelling. :expressionless:

Thanks @J0n35y, @Hans_Olo and @PeterHanes :slight_smile:

But yes, Peters’ post above is bang on the money.



Some bastard here was talking up the OT for something, and I broke down and bought one again. Bastard.

This time I want to do it right and get OctaEdit along with it - but your ordering page is still down.

Something up or do I just need to be patient?

Name names! I’ll get the lynch mob together #pitchfork #tarandfeather #mobjustice

I’d say be patient as I’m working on a massive update, including OSv1.30B / Trig Probabiltiy / MkII support; but my time is limited at the moment, dealing with a shitload of corporate work; and mental stuff… hence the unavailability at present…


Nice one. You do what you gotta do. I can watch the pretty Christmas tree lights of the MKII for months :grin:


Hi Rusty,
Can you tell us when Octaedit will be available for purchase again?

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I might make it available for a couple of days, maybe tomorrow? But still working on the very lage update / OSv1.30 support/testing, Condiitonal Trigs et al, MkII support whilst on very limited spare time…


Damn. I liked this and thought this was posted recently- good luck with your programming, sir!

Lol, long time ago… Moved on from that :wink:

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OctaEdit is available for a couple of days for those who are interested / messaged me.

Then I’ll disable sales again for a little bit whilst polishing off the next release.

Please read the page first; I’m really hectic at the moment between corporate work, travelling, and working on a very large update to OctaEdit; so there will be lag between updates and minimal support till then.

Any questions? Just post here, or ping me a message.



Which I will close off tomorrow… and then be offline for a week.

Sorry, purchasing is currently disabled as I am offline between 25th November and 5th December.

Hi Rusty,

Will it be compatible with the latest version of the OT mkII?

Cheers Mate

Just looking forward to being able to purchase any version! It’s something I’ve kept putting off but now I bought that big dump of Samples From Mars stuff and want to start building chains and doing other things.

No rush - I got too much going on at the moment too - but just looking forward to being able to buy when ready!

From a few posts up:

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Most difficult to purchase software ever :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wanted to purchase it a while back and it was unavailable for purchase. Small purchasing window came up but I missed it. Now it’s passed the next “unavailability” window but is still unavailable. Looks great but I think I may just skip it at this point and get better at managing through the Octatrack :confused:

I understand your frustration. Also, my understanding is that @Rusty doesn’t do this because he likes to make people jump through hoops, but rather because he has a strong commitment to have 100% customer satisfaction and whenever he feels he’ll not be able to provide adequate support or the latest version of Octaedit lags behind the latest OS he’ll stop selling licenses. While this is a very unusual approach, in my opinion it’s also a very noble one rarely seen elsewhere these days. So hang in there, it’ll come and it’ll be worth it.


What Hans_Olo said.
Rusty is RAD, and so is Octaedit.


Yup, we’re lucky he decided to create this software in the first place, then later add OSX version after years of stating he wouldn’t do it.

I hope Rusty is enjoying his break, or at least doing whatever business he needs to do during that break. It’s a well earned break.

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It doesn’t seem a break.

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Your insight into his reasoning makes me feel differently about it, I’ll reassess the situation once it’s available again, thanks.

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