Octachainer Slice

Greetings ladies and gents,

Here I am setting up the mighty Octatrack for the live situation.
After much consideration, finally decided to run four stems into the first four tracks: Drums, Bass, Synths, Fx. The rest for live elements.

For flexibility and live remixing, I must create slice grids using the Octachainer V.1.3.

But, I do not want to get into the blind mess of exporting a heck load of separated files per stem, for instance, Bass Stem Verse 1, Bass Stem Chorus 1, etc.

So, the immediate option I see is SLICE PER X STEP OF BPM scheme.
But, then, as an output there will be only a single OT document created to process a single audio file. What do I do with the other 3 Stems?

Can I copy the slice grids between tracks once I open that OT file?

Is there a more effective way than SLICE PER X STEP option for what I am trying to do?

I intend to use the arranger mode for mapping the mutes and making different arrangements. This seems to be the best option. What do you reckon?