Oberheim OB-12

I both hate and love this synth. Currently there’s more love than hate, so I made this video.

Anyone else use it? What do you like about it?


I like that I sold it about 18 years ago.

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Ha, fair enough.

I absolutely loved this synth, used it for many years… its a wild beast at times, but that was part of its charm. What I was able to get out of it… and yes, all those knobs and sliders… yum! Got stolen a few years back unfortunately.

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Yes, the knobs and sliders make it accessible in a way. Almost knob per function.

Shame that yours got stolen. I hope the thief got really frustrated with all those bugs.

I had owned one shortly after release. It gained screen corner flickering after a few months, returned it and the second one got the same problem. They both also had really poor midi timing when in unison mode. Sound quality is basically the same as the very first VST instruments. Effects were worse than synths out 10 years earlier etc.

Not something I was fond of to be honest. I did like the colour I guess :slight_smile: