NVRAM restore failed?

Hey guys. First time posting here. A couple weeks ago I bought a used analog four MK2 - my first elektron product and I couldn’t be happier with it. Ive basically been spending 100% of my free time learning the ins and outs of it and building sounds, kits, patterns/chains etc. I had tons of stuff saved on there. this morning I sat down to continue working with it, and “NVRAM restore failed” appeared on the screen. As you all probably know, everything is now gone. Needless to say, im pretty frustrated. However, just to check, i tried building and saving a new kit. Turned it off and back on, and it was still there. So my question is - is this going to be a recurring issue? How much do I have to worry about my stuff getting lost going forward? Do you guys think it’s an OS problem? Thanks so much for your help!!

that’s normally associated with loading a more up to date project into an earlier firmware - it’s a common bi-product from downgrading the os

there may be other factors - there’s a test mode to do a diagnostic evaluation on stuff (probably) like that - otherwise save externally until you know it’s robust or speak to support - if you’ve been doing any firmware changes then that could be the reason

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Well, everything in RAM is gone. (it’s like executing an EMPTY RESET). If you have saved the project previously that’s still there on the +drive.

(saving the project before turning the machine off isn’t the worst idea)

Should’ve followed up a little bit ago - I was able to restore everything from the project manager except for the last week or so of saves. I guess for the time being I’ll just save the project after every use. It’s a little worrisome. I appreciate your replies!

I havent done any firmware changes. I’m gonna try and figure out the test mode. Thank you!

Do you think upgrading from OS 1.40 to 1.50 would help smooth out ram issues? At least sort of preventatively for the future?
Sorry, I’m completely new to elektron.

you should upgrade anyway, not for the RAM aspect, but I’d recommend waiting until the next incremental release which should be before the month is out

ask Elektron support what other factors can typically lead to that error message

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Cool good to know. I sent in a ticket. so would you guys generally suggest just saving the project at the end of every use? Have any of you had to deal with this problem and did constant saving fix it? I suppose I’m just confused about RAM automatic saving vs manual saves. I’m gonna try to read up so I can understand this better

Never heard of that issue out of the context I mentioned, I backup the things I’d miss periodically, but don’t generally save projects especially often unless changing to another one

You need to know what caused the issue first, so best try to recall the steps leading up to that in your discussions with support

Ok. Yeah I’m trying to remember. Except for just turning it on and off a couple times without letting it fully boot, I dont think I did anything weird. Does that ever cause issues?

I’d guess it can, I’d make that very clear to support - they’ll be able to interpret this to help you understand

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Ok thanks. Hasnt happened again today. I’m hoping it was a one off thing.

To get things straight: NVRAM means not volatile RAM. You can think of it as battery-powered RAM (while there is no real battery builtin, the mechanism is the same).

When you perform a manual save the project’s data gets written to the +drive. There is no automatic saving. It’s just because the RAM is always powered you can turn the device off and on and everything is still there.

I guess what’s happened in your case was either that

  1. the supercap functioning as battery for the RAM has lost somehow its power
  2. or the content of the RAM content got corrupted (random bits can flip their value due to radiation, for example)

This shouldn’t happen on a regular basis, but the chances are not 0% that is doesn’t happen at all. That’s why RAM used in servers has error-correction on board (can correct such corruptions automatically), but normal consumer RAM hasn’t.

So, yeah, I would suggest to save the project (at least) before turning the device off. Better be safe than sorry. When you don’t save you miss out the simplest backup mechanism (writing the project to the +drive).

Well, that’s even more likely the reason for your problem. Simply don’t do that.

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