Novation Peak


Congrats. I absolutely want a Peak at some point, but someone had to list a MachineDrum in good shape, so that came first. :sunglasses: Enjoy! Post up samples at some point.


Haha will do


Hah, ordered one myself today. I didn’t try it live, but somehow I have a feeling that this will be a keeper!


It depends on your target sound. I use my self-created wt in the Blofeld for modulation (FM, AM). Wired!


Yeah, show me the crazy digital side of this thing. Every time I think about the Peak, my thoughts wander to the Waldorf Microwave XT. I want one of those more right now.


I think Novation should be commended for releasing an instrument such as the Peak. It’s certainly not your average, run of the mill synth. Much respect.


Yeah most definitely. I wouldn’t have even thought of buying it if it wasn’t


Yeah the XT is great. Preferred the sound, and obviously the UI to the Blofeld.
Didn’t really like the filters on either unfortunately though
Apparently the FM is now 4x stronger on the Peak due to a firmware update so am counting on that for lots of digital madness :loopy:


Graaah, it’s now apparently sold out pretty much everywhere! At least my local shop claims so. Have to wait until september. :expressionless: |


Oh that sux man.
Just got mine. First impressions are really good. Build quality is excellent, it feels like a professional instrument. Knobs are fantastic. UI is awesome. Such a well laid out synth.
Quick test to see how crazy it can get with the mod matrix and FM and I must say I am very impressed. So many ways to completely mess with the sound.
It’s really powerful. Has a really analog organic sound with the NCO’s and all analog back end, but can be pushed into mayhem with a few knob tweaks.
Dare say the most potential in a hardware synth since the Virus TI way back imo.
Oh and the reverb is possibly the best I’ve heard on a hardware synth. Very Eventide-esque.


You don’t help my waiting! Glad to hear that you like it!


Only fiddled with it so far but it has a lot of potential for sure
Linear FM on this is really good
Osc1 > Osc2
Osc2 > Osc3
Osc3 then back to Osc1
On top of that Osc3 can also FM the analog filter.
Enable filter tracking, crank resonance to max putting analog filter into self oscillation (creating analog VCO sine wave) and we now have 4 OP FM
FM being linear means pitch tracking remains throughout
Only played with sine waves at this stage but sounds great alone.
The standard analog waveshapes as well as the wavetables can be waveshaped, so this variation coupled with the FM, the options are virtually limitless.
On top of this each NCO has cool vsync and unison parameters, which again when applied to each osc being FM’d opens up sound pallet even further.
There is also ring mod between osc 1 and 2.
It’s pretty mad, only scratched the surface at this stage :loopy:
The patches on board are pretty bad, only listened to a few then gave up. Obviously trying to appeal to the masses so pretty tame and vanilla.
A handy little feature is there is an INIT button directly on the surface, so that’s a great place to start


I’d love to hear some nasty fm stuff from the new update. Maybe hit record next time you’re making some patches👀


Its not much but a quick clip of a Peak patch I made
Wavetable with a little FM applied to the filter.
Using the arpeggiator on board.
Some on board effects also


Awesome! Any chance of sharing the patch? It’s right up my street!


I am going to make a bank of patches for the Peak and then I will post them up for anyone interested


Man, now I really want one.


This is the first time that the Peak made me go “Wow.” Awesome sound.


Damn that is a cool demo.

I just got my Peak a few days ago. Open box deal on Reverb. So far I’ve been making more SURVIVE / Stranger Things style patches, very dark and ambient.

The build quality on this thing is worlds away from the BS II and the Nova’s. I even am taken back a bit by the sharpness of the LED’s. There is just a nice quality to every bit of this thing. The majority of YouTube demos out there are fairly generic and bland. You really do need to get your hands on one of these, press that Init patch button, and go to town. Actually, although this is an official promo from Novation this video actually does show off the Peak pretty well


That’s great to hear! Cannot wait for my Peak to arrive, should have ordered sooner as they seem to be sold out everywhere.