Novation Peak


Yeah Pro2 module would have been killer.
I always fancied the P12 module but too much money. Now.


In a lot of ways , Peak has what I want(ed) in a Pro 2 module.

Except the sequencer! :cry:


Yeah the sequencer on the Pro2 was/is seriously powerful, I miss it.
Terrible when life dictates that cash is more useful than layer upon layer of sync’d modulation through dual analogue filters locked to a midi clock!
Oh well :pensive:

Edit PS
Good luck to Novation, drop a drum synth please.


Mmmm… can see what they mean when they say the FM is really mild.
Sounds a bit like the mild LFO fm on the A4 / AK.
Oh well what a shame. Maybe they can crank it up in an OS update.


I struggle to integrate my AK when composing ITB, so I might get this for those duties.


Finally some Soundcloud Demos:


Did anyone get the Peak?

I love my BS2 sound and would like to perhaps replace it with Peak. Love the idea of Quantum synth, but it’s gonna be quite much above my budget… Peak is versatile, fx and wavetables are great.

Something I’d have liked to see in Peak are “slop” parameter to introduce some instability to oscs to make it emulate vintage sound (can be perhaps made with mod matrix) and modulating the fx would have been nice.


Thought I would buy this as on paper looks great, but the demos just seem to be lacking something. Seems to just sound a little flat imo
FM implementation is reportedly pretty weak also, so when that was revealed it confirmed it for me.
Would like to hear opinions on it though


Did you watch the Sonic State demo? I thought that was great.


Not sure actually. Will check it out


Novation’s own Soundcloud demos are pretty bad, IMO. The Sonic State vid wasn’t bad but Alex aka Mylar Melodies won one at Superbooth, I’m waiting for him to post one of his really thorough exploration videos of it.

Cuckoo’s vid on it is quite interesting, as usual he took it in his own direction… used all the modulation to reduce the pitch to the point where you could actually hear the wavetable aliasing.

I know he’s not wild about it. I’m still really intrigued by it, mostly because the layout and workflow appeal to me. I suspect we haven’t heard the best of it yet. Though yeah, the FM features seems quite tame.


Just a bit too rich for my blood.
But I make techno and don’t always need a big polyphonic chord.
I’ll be more interested in it in a few years when they’re $750 second hand.


Still after all these years the Virus TI sounds much better than this from what I can hear anyway


It’s Novation gear, it will be super cheap soon enough second hand.


I have a peak and sold my prophet 6 and prophet 12–peak is better synth than both those two
All i need is a Analog Keys/Analog 4 and a Peak -----thats it for my analog synths
everything else is going


I don’t need it (at all), but man do I want it! I have a soft spot for Novation… original SuperNova was a centerpiece of my setup in 2000 (17 years yikes!). I’m almost done (for now anyway) acquiring synths and this might be one of the last pieces. Analog Four MK1 keeps calling me too though. I keep telling myself it’s all cheaper than getting into modular!


Mmm yeah I hate to say it but the Supernova (specifically v2 with crazy FM) was the pinnacle of Novation synthesis imo
It has been all downhill from there unfortunately.
I thought with the release of Peak they were back, but not convinced just yet…


Multi timbral does not equal synthesis!
The ultranova is pretty bad ass imo!


Have you had both a Supernova and an Ultranova?
Build quality alone, it is like a different company produced them.
Ultranova construction feels like a toy in comparison.
Ultranova has the advantage of wavetables, but more importantly for me no FM on the Ultranova.


I’ve not owned either, but used them quite a lot.
And yeah sure build quality agreed. But you just admited that with the wavetables and fm the ultranova was the better synth!