Novation circuit monostation


Here’s a quick 'n dirty techno jam with the Circuit Mono Station:

There’s a bit of reverb and delay on it. No other processing. Beat is Machinedrum running through Analog Heat.

I’m also getting some real nice things to happen by running both beat and bassline through the high gain distortion and stereo filter of the Analog Heat. Not ready to post those recordings yet though.


That sounds great, love it!


2 more jams with the Circuit Mono Station. I’m loving that little box!

I recently added the Circuit Mono Station, Analog Heat, Eventide Space and Mackie 1642VLZ4 to my Machinedrum+Monomachine for an all-hardware setup. A couple of EHX fx pedals there too. Very happy with what’s starting to come out of that.


I have to retract my prior statement about the distortion being timid… With the right combo of filter, resonance and distortion parameters it can scream real hard.


GAS activated


I’m surprised how little there is about these here or elsewhere. Not that I need any more gear but I’m lusting a bit for one. I might have to trade in my monologue.

It seems like a really smart little package, a standout in an ocean of key-laden analogs. Sequencer looks like great fun and connectivity just enough to be fun and useful without being overwhelming. I could see this pairing equally nicely with an Elektron as with a PO or Volca, and I bet it sounds lovely with a little reverb.


Agree - Circuit and Circuit Monostation are precious little things, and Novation keeps making them better with regular updates - I’m using a Circuit with an A4 and they work together very well.


Yeah it looks and sounds great. Nice sequencer, nice modulation options.
Also wondering why it’s not more popular