Novation circuit monostation


I got mine last Black friday offert, and i don’t regret. It’s a great monophonic synth, with deep routing matrix thanks you can go close to sounds of modular synths. But it can sound deep and agressive, or soft and clean. Intuitive and easy to work, easy and fast to get cool sounds.


Shall I give a little push then? :wink:

Here’s a CMS bassline sample. Recorded the other day for no reason other than taking note of what I got going then, inaccurately mixed on headphones.


Nice work! If half my jams came out sounding like that, I’d be happy! Is it 100% CMS, or just the bassline? Either way, I dig it. Very reminiscent of The Prodigy (Jilted Generation era). This isn’t helping quell the desire, haha.


Just the bassline and of course there’s fx on it. The beat is MD.

Thanks, I think I will play me some old school Prodigy now :slight_smile:


I still need a final answer, but if I get the job I’ll get a new synth and was looking at the Circuit, is that discount code shareable?


Yeah, that’s getting the thumbs up from me also!!!


The code is the same for everyone can be found online easily.


How much is it with the 50% discount? Full price fluctuates between 479 and 369…


Full price on Novation site is $499 USD, so it would be $250 USD at the discounted rate.


Ok just snapped one up here for 199GBP - no code required - a few left - too good at this price:


Hmmm, seeing $329 in the US…


Woah that s a steal…


Good stuff!

Just done a few beers and a bit o wine in a magnesium bath…

Just saw yr post . nice little treat to self

Ive not bought nowt in ages. Apart from the crossbow.



i had one a while ago … for £199 is a good price.

i liked to have 2 versions of same patch , but one would have the external input ‘open’ , you can do nice snappy gating while keeping the same tone.

using seq2 on a set of parameters while seq1 did the notes. (i think velocity was used for 0-127).

using seq3 for external cv etc worked well , 3 unique sequencers i think.
learn the shortcuts for recoding only patch changes onto an existing pattern.
as patches are stored on the grid (but there is no colour coding) , i suggest you try and group types of sound in a similar area on the grid , e.g bass drums in a line … makes it much easy to patch flip and keep the general tones of the melody.

i think i preferred it to manther.
ability to save sound patches.
more sequencers
better external processing.
easy to backup sound/seq via mac/pc
easy to patch flip per step.
more flexible sequencer (directions etc).


Awesome deal, hopefully I’ll sort my shit soon and when I’m done this is still available…


229 USD for those in Australia, which is around 300 AUD.


Back to normal on dawsons


Still haven’t found it, fancy pointing me in the right direction?


Yeah here are some minor UI downsides to me. Session slots can be color coded at will (a session is a set of patterns and links to an associated patch preset / patches are stored globally and all are available to all sessions). But the patches can’t be color coded and when the patch slot matrix fills up it becomes hard to remember what’s where.

I also find it unhandy that there is no visual clue for pattern slots that do or do not contain something, let alone color code them. You have to remember which pattern slots you used in a particular session. When jamming and rehearsing muscle memory builds but this could be facilitated better.


It’s a cool synth but gosh does it look just awful… had the circuit before and the cheap materials it is made from were a major put off for me. I also couldn’t stand the RGB leds. The colors are horrible - red with magenta and yellow and green - ugh… I know that with this design they can push the price down but I find the looks equally important to functionality - it just goes hand in hand. Their new midi kboards are also lit up like Christmas tree. Suffering from the same disease is the deluge - it even has wood and brass on top of the rgb bonanza! ;))