Note trigger doesnt restart sample?

I had an idea recently of something that might have utility to me but im not sure how to do it on the rytm or if its possible…

when you’re running a pattern with a sample, each trigger (note step) you place triggers the sample from its start point. say i have a longer sample (ex: 15 seconds) and two triggers, one on step/note 1 and one on step/note 13. is there a way for step/note 13 to just trigger the current time of the sample instead of restarting it? in theory this could be like a quantize tool if you’re roughly estimating tempo.

this might be confusing and worded weird but im just wondering if its possible

thanks all!

Lock sample start on step 13?

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Something similar has been done and posted here. Look for something like “time stretching” and you’ll be able to find it.
The basic idea was to use an LFO to scan the start value of the sample. You have to adjust tempo so the sample ends when a bar ends, be it 1, 2, 3 or 4 bars. Then you have to adjust the LFO time so it gives you the full sweep in sync with the sample. You have to input all steps. Final step was to make sure the LFO is triggered on the first step only.

When done correctly, the LFO will move the start point in a way that each step picks up where the last one left. This also enables you to change tempo and be able to pseudo time stretch your sample.

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