Note Slide?

I can’t make note slide do anything. Here is how I am doing it. Tell me what I am doing wrong.

Put some notes on the sequencer.
Function/ Note Slide
Light up a few notes with slide
Under Osc 2/ page 2/ SLI turn it up

Still no slide at all.

It does do one thing though, it sometimes mutes a note I enabled note slide for.

You have to adjust the note length on the first note to reach thru the second note. The slide value is for slide time.

Insert note on trig 1 and set note length value to 3
Insert note on trig 3 - 1 octave up
Hold trig 3 and hit slide

The slide time will determine how fast it slides from 1-3

I found the solution.

When poly mode is being used, slide is disabled.


That too.

not work for me . i try the steps that the other guy put . and i put poly off too and still not work

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