Not important anymore

not important anymore.

Yes. XT

XT is laded with knobs, 44 of them no? So you could live without… but… makes stuff a lot easier, especially with regards to wavetables.

You could check out monstrumWaveXT from Monstrum Media

Note: I use my own stuff and things, so can’t comment on anything / any one else(s). In the past I used EMagic’s SoundDiver, but a long time ago.


XT owner here too
i don’t think i’ve ever used a dedicated patch editor for it apart from SoundDiver mentioned by @Rusty; the XT has plenty knobs for editing but yeah, one comes in handy for wavetables and maybe storing those extra patches…in case the internal memory isn’t enough :smiley_cat:

XT owner here. never felt a need for anything beyond the many knobs