Not enough mixer inputs — add a switch box?


I use a mixer to hook up my Octatrack, FX, guitar, and iPad, but I’m out of inputs, and I want to add an OP-Z to the mix.

I usually only use either the OP-Z OR the FX return, so I thought maybe there’s some kind of switcher box I could use. It would need a couple of stereo mini jack inputs, maybe two 1/4-in inputs, and two balanced 1/4-in TRS outs.

Does such a thing exist? Can I use it without ruining my sound?


Op z into the octatrack?

A sub mixer?

A new mixer?

What’s your budget? What mixer do you currently own? Do you need it all plugged in at once? How is everything set up


An A/B pedal.


It’s a K-Mix. 8 in, 8 out


1 Guitar
2 Mic
3+4 FX return
5+6 OP-Z
7+8 Octatrack

Outputs go to Octa, FX loop, and monitors.

I want to be able to double up the OP-Z (inputs 5+6), to be able to add extra inputs. I won’t need to use them at the same time. I might want to input the Octatrack’s Cue outs, for example, or hook up a radio.

Budget isn;t the problem. The problem is size. I actually have another old mixer I could use, plugging its outputs into the K-Mix, but that’s too big.


In stereo?


plug the OP-Z into the OT inputs, or are you using all of them already?


One is in use, but that could work. Means the OT has to be on whenever I want to hear the OP-Z though.


but it also means you can readily sample the OP-Z into the OT, add FX, etc…



That’s true, but I can do that already.

The mixer is set up to have both the OT and the external FX as AUX outs. That’s why I have the K-Mix. It’s amazing little box. You can route any input to any output.

For instance, I can send the OP-Z through the FX, and then on to the OT, all with a few knob twists. And I can put the OT through the same FX if I like

IT’s pretty great. It just needs a couple more inputs!


Loopmaster to the rescue! I’m in Europe though


T Rex (Denmark) makes or made one too – that you can’t get in the US.



You could make one too if you solder, with a DPDT switch and three TRS plugs of your choice.

Probably less that $10 in parts including the box.


I could do that. I might even have a spare box around here somewhere.


If the budget isn’t a problem, then you have plenty of options.

Beringher xr18 is a good choice.

Allen and heath Qupac is well thought of round here.

Allen and heath mixwizards can be picked up at a reasonable prices as well, however if you have limited space you’ll want to avoid.

Maybe one of the small Mackie mixers would be a good choice for a sub.

I went with the Beringher if you’re interested. Found myself in this situation far too often. No I have flexible routing and more than enough ins and outs.

Good luck.


I’m very happy with the K-Mix. It’s the only mixer I found with stereo effects loops, for one.

The only thing is that it doesn’t have enough inputs. And I don’t need to use all the inputs at the same time. I just want a way to switch things without having to unplug.


Then I think you’ve already been given the answer within the thread.


I think so!


In general what you are looking for (“switchbox”) is called a (normalized) patchbay. Patchbays are normally designed with many inputs and outputs, but there are also small ones like the one below (you can switch the language of the site in the top right corner):


I ended up with a Neutrik patchbay. It’s perfect for the purpose.