Nord Wave 2

The Nord Wave 2 is a powerful 4-part performance synthesizer combining Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Wavetable with an intuitive layer-focused interface.

Nord Wave 2

  • 4-part Synthesizer with dedicated volume/pan faders
  • Sample, Virtual Analog, Wavetable and FM synthesis
  • 48 voice polyphony
  • OLED Displays for Program and Oscillator sections
  • 1 GB memory for Nord Sample Library 3.0
  • User replaceable samples
  • 61-note keyboard with Aftertouch

Wellllllll fancy that. I shall be following closely… I want to buy one big synth, if this is well-executed it could be it.


oh boy

I hope this thing sound better than the stuff heared in the Introduction Video soundtrack… :flushed:


Yep, that video does not make a lot of sense.
The sound reminds me of the orginal Wave which was also harsh sounding.
But this whole video makes you cry… imagine you are the creator of this synth and the marketing department comes up with this… :zonked:

I have a Nordlead A1 , I was hoping for a Nordlead A2.
Nordwave 2 spec. are interesting. But I am curious how it ‘really’ sounds, because this demo does not show really show off. I do not get Nord regarding their introductions videos, not that I am a fan of the Korg introduction video of the Wave State - which is over the top.
That said, the Wave State caught my eyes as well; price wise a better option and while only based on (factory) samples and waveforms but overall more compact and I expect the fx on the Korg sound better as well. The Korg offers more modulation and filter options.

For the price of the Nord Wave 2, you could at least own a Wave State + Miniloque XD module.

I have a Wave1, but it doesn’t get a huge amount of use these days tbh. Not fully featured enough to make it a proper wavetable machine - i.e. one which can interpolate/scan through different waves at least.

Good that they’ve re-introduced the arpeggiator though!

Not sure about the semi-weighted keybed. I’d rather have a synth-style keyboard on a keyboard which would be used for synth duties.

…but of course, what we all really want, is a G3!!!


Nord G3 Rack with knobs! Won’t happen though.


wavetable synths are back.

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”Our most versatile synthesizer ever”

Nord please

Why do you hate the modular so much


With the 1 GB sample library memory, you could load in a couple of pianos, organs and other bread & butter sounds so this could work as a rudimentary stage keyboard as well as a flexible synthesizer.

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I wish Nord would go back to the encoders with led ala the Nord lead 3 instead of the old classic knob.


The price is probably going to be off the hook as well.
I’ll be content tho with Pigments for the time being.
You’re able to load your own samples in Pigments as well so eh, that’s that.
If I sound a bit salty it’s cuz I know I can’t afford this. Over 2k usd perhaps?


those encoders were indeed excellent. but my guess is they were quite costly, both to manufacture and repair. probably increased the cost of the synth beyond the point of where it would otherwise sit in the market, thereby hurting sales. just a hunch, of course…

the ones they have now are good though. don’t they light up when you’re at the stored value or something like that? much better than the original design on the early Leads, at least.

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Always love a Nord. Will surely love this one as well.

Competition heating up for the Quantum?

$2699 I believe. My piggy bank is dedicated to a Novation Summit right now so this thing is completely off the table.
I’m also a little miffed at Nord as I bought a Electro 4 a month before the Electro 5 was announced. That alone wasn’t a big deal but I bought into Nord for the “continued developement”. Within 1.5 years my unit is now obsolete as the new format of samples requires the Electro 5.
I’m just a little miffed as I do really like the keyboard but am disappointed I only got to see 1 new rhodes patch, 1 new (crappy imo) wurli, no new clavs, and a few pianos (which were quite good honestly).
It was a HUGE purchase for me then and my first Nord. It felt like a solid gut punch. I still dig their gear but will not be buying anything from them again unless I have a stuffed wallet (which I don’t at all right now).


Yeah, a A2 with separate pitch env and they need to squash the bug retriggering of the envelope in mono mode that is still present in the A1.

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If I remember it correctly reading an article from the founder, the modular synths almost made the company go bankrupt because of the nisch and support complexity. So we won’t be seeing any more modular synths from Nord in the future.

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looks very capable. nice display. lot’s of synthesis options. more robust FM is nice.

I really like the look of that thin little wheel, wish all my keyboards had those!

Modular as a concept, is arguably no longer quite so niche.

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