Noob midi cc question regarding ditto x4 (Solved!)

I have a question. I’m trying to get my DittoX4 to record loop 1. I’m sending Midi CC#3 via channel 4 at a value of 127. The ditto is not reacting at all. So my question is: What value should be sent? Does it matter if I send value 1, 64 or 127? I guess it’s a state of On or Off right? So my thought would be above 64 = ON, under 64 = OFF? Or is it some kind of trigger? Do I need to send above 64 all the time, I just dont get the basics of MIDI CC when it’s not a value like cutoff on a synth for example. Cheers!

Just adding: the ditto syncs well. So I know the device is getting the tempo and the midi connection is good. It just doesnt react to any controller messages.

I don’t own a Ditto X4, but the manual doesn’t tell anything about MIDI CC but sync. Are you sure it can be controlled via MIDI and not only sync to clock via DIN/MIDI?

Thank you for the reply! I have seen people using a Softstep for example, to trigger recordings! So I am pretty much sure of it. Some people on other forums have reported it working. I have now after some research concluded i have a last resort.

I have no idea what firmware my Ditto X4 has, so I tried updating. That does not work. TC Electronics has not succeded in making a running app for OSX (it just gets stuck at 100% - a confirmed issue) so I’m left with the option to taking my Ditto to work, where I have a PC, from where I can update the device.

I need not say this is all extremely frustrating!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I bought this device pretty much with the one intention of live recording midi sync’d loops, because - OT difficulty level 100 with gainstaging and other details regarding live sampling. I am very sceptical as to getting this to work, and I can say I won’t buy TC Electronics stuff if I have the slightest thought of having to contact their non-existent support. Rant over!
I’ll update tomorrow when I’ve made my final attempt.

EDIT: Here is the list of MIDI CC’s that’s supposed to be accepted:

Responds to MIDI Channel 4 (hardcoded – can’t be changed)

CC3 Looper 1 Rec/Dub/Start
CC9 Looper 1 Stop
CC14 Looper 1 Clear
CC15 Looper 1 Level
CC20 Looper 1 Hold to Store
CC21 Looper 1 Clear Backtrack
CC22 Looper 2 Rec/Dub/Start
CC23 Looper 2 Stop
CC24 Looper 2 Clear
CC25 Looper 2 Level
CC26 Looper 2 Hold to Store
CC27 Looper 2 Clear Backtrack
CC28 Decay “Level”
CC29 All Loops Stop
CC30 All Loops Clear
CC31 FX On/Off
CC85 Parallel/Serial Toggle

the FX respond to Prg change message 1 to 7

Midi CC commands/ Prg change messages are programmed into a midi track / clip in your DAW or sequencer (Midi channel 4!)

It looks like you’re doing things right, the CC values that you need to send should be specified in the MIDI implementation chart of the Ditto but they didn’t bother apparently. Most of the time, 0 means “off” and any value between 1 and 127 means “on”, so I would guess that sending a 127 value like you did would start the recording…

But yeah I own the Ditto and from what I read the MIDI is really unreliable so I wouldn’t be so surprised if it won’t communicate properly with the Digitakt. There is still hope though! The CC features were not part of the original firmware so if you have the factory firmware, it’s 100% normal that your Ditto doesn’t react to CC messages. Try upgrading to one of the recent versions and you might get lucky. :slight_smile:

If anyone is reading this thread and thinking about getting a Ditto x4 for its MIDI capabilities, I would strongly recommend finding another pedal though. The Pigtronix Infinity is probably worth the price difference. In theory the Ditto has some great features but the MIDI part of the pedal is really unstable. The worst part is that TC Electronics doesn’t support the pedal correctly, the few firmware updates were full of bugs and they don’t seem to care at all. They don’t deserve your money!

Anyway, I didn’t mean to bum you out, aha, I still like the pedal somehow. I may try this too this week-end, that would be a super cool setup. Let us know if you managed to make something work!


agreed, you sum it up just right!

I see…

Hopefully the firmware upgrade fixes the issue.

So I swung by my job today and pestered my colleagues by taking up all their space with cables, pedals and what-not. Using our ancient PC I actually succeeded in upgrading the firmware! On the second try…

At first, the computer didn’t recognize the Ditto. It was thought to some kind of PPG Synthesizer or something (how weird is that), can’t remember. But after some drivers were automatically downloaded TC electronics’ - also ancient - app actually showed the device as a Ditto X4.

My Ditto X4 now reacts to CC messages! Unbelievable, I must say I didn’t have high hopes for this one. I didn’t have time for thorough testing, but I immediately noticed some quirks.

The MIDI Implementation works in a way that you have to be very careful when you send these CC’s. For the Ditto to react to the next CC-trigger you have to set a different value. For example; to start recording, send CC#3, value 127. When you want to stop, send the same but any other value except 0. In short, I felt it was super easy to accidentally overdub, start a new recording or just wiff it for another full measure.

In a live situation I think I will try a silent first loop to get the timing perfect. Following loops are all synced to this one, so those I can record those manually without too much hassle!

Anyway, bad experience with a somewhat happy ending! Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

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Glad to hear that! I will give this a go, you made me curious!

Enjoy your new setup :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have the software update to make this work?
AldoVino, love your jams on the Ditto!

Hey thank youuu, you can find the latest firmware here. :slight_smile:

Thank you brother, I tried it here but for some reason, the midi cc thing still didn’t work. Maybe I’ll have to try the PC version…
Anyway, thanks for checking in and keep up the great work!

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Hey Aldo! Did you ever manage to sort a reliable CC send method from the digitakt? It’s so strange. It seems to cycle in odd numbers between 0 and 127. I had some success with sending 2 different CC values per trig by assigning two different values to CC3.

For example on trig 1 (1:4) I have it sending 127, and 16 at the same time. This seems to start recording right away. Then on the first trig of 2:4 I have it send 0, on the first value only. This seems to stop and start recording every 4 pages but it’s not entirely reliable. Sometimes it will record double the length or play double the length.

I also have issues getting it to start on time in general. If you have any extra digitakt advice to pass along I am all ears…

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Ok, now its working the same by sending a 127 value for CC3 on trig 1 (1:4) … I think it’s just feeling sorry for me at this point. lol. It might be worth noting for other people that I have switch 2 set to true on the Ditto for some extra reassurance that the loops will end evenly.


Hey, it’s super weird indeed. I haven’t figured the whole thing out but I’m getting some pretty consistent result lately. I use only one value per CC, 126 to start the recording and I believe 123 to stop it. I don’t think the values really mean something (after all in normal use you’re using a single switch to both start and stop the recording) but maybe it likes it when you alternate between odd and even numbers? That sounds like a super weird “theory” but that’s the only rule I can think of at the moment, aha.

I’ll be working on a new live-looping jam this week, I’ll try to dig a little deeper and will let you know if I find anything interesting. :slight_smile:

Oh and about the “starting on time” thing I can’t really help you, I don’t use the MIDI clock anymore so the Ditto doesn’t react to the Start/Stop of the DT. As far as I remember it was working pretty well tho. :confused:

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Yeah, I think you’re right about it enjoying a switch between either a set number of values or even and odd. No clock? Madman. Stoked for your new vid, thanks for taking a look!

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