Noob CV/External input question

OK so I’ve had a search on here and looked over the manual but I would just like some clarity.

(Also I haven’t had a chance to try this as the the A4 is at home and the M32 is in the studio)

Am I correct in thinking that I can sequence my Moog Mother 32 (note data/filter cutoff etc) from the CV tracks on my A4, then route the audio back in through the A4s input and still use A4 p-locked effects via the FX track without losing any of the 4 internal voices on the A4? I don’t want to use the filters or overdrive or anything. just the reverb/delay/chorus.
Essentially creating an A5?

Would I then lose the ability to P-lock specific effect parameters while doing this eg delay time? (not the end of the world as I don’t change them much via P-locks)

Sorry if this is basic but very new to both electron and CV!


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All doable, but the FX are all send, so any changes you make to fx settings on the FX track will affect every voice sent to the Effects

So yes, full A4 + cv controlled external voice w fx with scope to additionally control two params on said cv synth


Ok so I don’t want to change specific FX parameters can I change and p-lock the Mother 32 send amount without causing havoc on my other tracks?

For example on beat 4 I want to send to the reverb can I p-lock that in the same way I would send any of the other tracks to it?

I cant seem to copy a screenshot into my post the menu has CHO/DEL/REV/PAN/VOL are these the sends for the FX channel? (Im assuming as there are 2 one is for the right and one is for the left input?)

Yes, the FX track has individual send levels for both the Ext In sources L/R

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Thankyou much appreciated!


Jumping on another ancient thread here…
Since I´m still a novice on the CV topic I´d rather ask and be safe than sorry. I tried to read up on this but it just leaves me more confused than before.

Is it possible to set the inputs 1 &2 on the MKII to be controlled via Pitch and Gate? I have a very special use case where I´m controlling a synth through a turntable and a mixer and would like to try this with the A4 as well, so if it´s possible I would also appreciate any help on how to set it up properly (doesn´t need to be extremely detailed, I know my way around the menues on Elektron gear)

I´m using a control tone which goes into the Convertor+ from SonicSmith and from there into the synth. Setting it up with the Neutron is easy now I´d like to translate that to the A4.

Thanks in advance!

The CV jacks on the A4 are outputs, not inputs. If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to control the A4 using CV? Not possible.

Are you sure?

He’s using the expression inputs. I thought you wanted to use the CV A through D jacks as inputs :wink: That cannot be done.

The Exp/CV in 1 and 2 can though. Bobeats goes through the setup pretty thoroughly in that video.

For those inputs, you could certainly modulate pitch but not gate AFAIK.

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You can send ‘Pitch’ and ‘Gate’ signals into the Analog Four MkII’s CV inputs, but the Analog Four will see them as voltages and not automatically know that they are Pitch and Gate signals.

You have to set up how the Analog Four responds to the signals at the CV inputs. How do you want the AF to respond to the signals that you are sending it?

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It should work like this: when I open the fader (sharp cut in point, basically a switch/key/pad) it should play the note and stop playing when I close the fader -> Gate.
The pitch of the audio is translated to CV with the Convertor+ so that should control A4´s -> Pitch.

Do I need to send both seperately meaning using both inputs or can one input send both info with two CC settings?

I don’t know why you’re referring to “CC”s.

The two Control (CV) inputs each receive one voltage signal and basically act as modulation sources for the synth parameters. They are not Pitch and Gate inputs.

Therefore you would have to set up your kit to map the first input to oscillator pitch and map the second input to amplifier volume and set the sensitivity for each. I don’t know whether this will give you precisely the effect you are looking for, but you can certainly try it out.

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(MIDI) CC´s the wrong term I guess, was thinking about the 6 parameters you can assign per input.
I just set it up and I´m halfway there. When I play a note or even a sequence I can use the turntable like a pitchbend wheel but the sound is still playing when I close the fader. There is an audible difference between open and closed fader but ideally the A4 would also receive a trigger signal like from an external MIDI keyboard when the fader is open. I tried adjusting the sensitivity but so far I haven´t solved this.

Is it even possible to send a trigger signal via CV to the A4 or is it modulation only?

As stated in posts 9, 10, and 12, the AF does not have Gate (or Trigger) inputs and the two CV inputs act as modulation sources for the AF’s parameters.

What parameter(s) are you routing this second input’s signal to in the AF?

Then I guess I won´t be able to fully achieve what I´m looking for. For the second Input I control the Amp Volume and tried additionally Vol of OSC 1 & 2. If I turn the control sensitivity all the way down I get the opposite result: fader closed -> sound, fader open -> no sound. Otherwise the volume just gets louder if I go into the positive range and open the fader. But since it´s only modulation sources that makes sense. Too bad, besides the trigger/gate signal it works like I hoped it would.

The modulation depth is a bipolar control; when you say “all the way down” do you mean zero or full negative?

Note that the AF also has a GLOBAL > CONTROL menu in which you can set the MODE, CV ZERO LEVEL, and CV MAX LEVEL for the signal that you expect to receive at the inputs.

Full negative, at 0 there´s no difference (obviously I guess). I´ll keep messing around with it, manipulating a sequence like this is still better than nothing.