Nokia 5.1 Android app suggestions

I’ve managed to resist owning a smartphone until now. For reasons, I’ve had to get one.

I got a Nokia 5.1, and it’s pre-loaded with lots of google apps.

Maybe these are or are not the best apps to use, but I’m a bit overwhelmed looking at the alternatives available.

What do people suggest for an email app, a music player, and a file manager?

The OS is Android 9 (which I think is called Pie?)

and FTW, does anyone happen to know how to silence the start up sound on the Nokia 5.1? Nokia help were not of help, they openly stated the jingle is hardwired to play for ‘branding’ reasons. There is no option to turn it off and even if you turn the phone to Do Not Disturb and turn all the volumes down, that annoying jingle still plays every time you restart the phone. I’m thinking if I use a file manager app, I’ll be able to find the offending sound file. There was a ‘silent boot’ app but reviews say it stopped working a few iterations of the OS ago and hasn’t been updated.

Email: I like the stock Gmail app

Music: phonograph

File manager: Mixplorer. It’s not on the app store (basically because it lets you do too much) but very well made and has every function you’ll ever need, including zip/unzip. Free with no ads.

Re the startup sound… just don’t turn the phone off. Seriously. I only ever restart mine when I’ve installed an important update, otherwise it’ll happily go for weeks without being switched off. Screen is the biggest battery drain so it’ll go for days if you don’t use it much.

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